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  1. Yes. Not much I can do on top of the head unless Brettzie makes a fix on the mapping:
  2. AFAIK they're the original ones, Brettzies does a uniform mod with the helmets and such.
  3. What do you mean original characters? Those are the original ones... the helmet is easy as well. And TAW_pdanoe, it doesn't matter as it'll be throughout the whole install.
  4. http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=59938 Let's move it here...
  5. lol if thats what you want... Do you use Brettzies mod?
  6. I have some skills, yes. But it's not a skin mod unless specifically requested, as it's a global thing and if people prefer a specific camo then I can do it.
  7. I honestly just position my guys so they don't get shot or carry a Zeus. I think sometimes helis are just a waste of processor speed. But it's a game...
  8. Uh none, as it's not a skin mod, and nobody's come with any preferences or requests...
  9. The MR-C skin is gone but the M416 I is mine and no problem sharing http://562.50megs.com/GRAW2/m416skin.zip It includes the vertical grip and the iron sights
  10. And looking at the "u_mi28.xml" shows an AI "brain" that relies on scripting
  11. From what I understood they all have aimbots (forgot where I saw that nugget of info...)
  12. But.... not to be a total ass about it: Unfortunately I don't have any experience with modeling in 3DSMAX (don't have it to be more exact) and the only two who have done it don't mod for GRAW2 anymore. And I did ask...
  13. Ehhh... I'll just start working on maps myself as the download stuff for there is a bit too much, if it was here on GR.net I'll take a look.
  14. Of? Most of it seems self-explanatory, it's just a sight mod mainly and gets the fractured MR-C working in-game.
  15. Update: Managed to get the original Crye MR-C working now, and basically will have different sounds, and less powerful, same link as above. The modded MR-C68 will show up in the inventory as "MR-C68" and the original version "MR-C" Though GRIN blocked it off it takes a simple edit of the specific world.xml for each mission. Unfortunately I can't have separate textures (as I of course don't have the original model) so they both will look alike but will be different in sound, and capabilities.
  16. I mean how about a find OBL style campaign? That'd be popular, with a final mission a raid on the compound.... of course if there were the appropriate type of targets, or just make it a Mex campaign and so on... I just need to develop the skillz, etc.
  17. Besides Tinker, what kind of mods can you create?
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