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  1. What's with the bleached out colors? Has anyone modded the shader files to remove the bleached out look? It makes it a lot more difficult to pick out the baddies.
  2. A lot of people have posted about the shortcomings of sniping in ghost recon. For those that are looking for an accurate portrayal of the difficulties of long range shooting, you might consider NRA Varmint Hunter. It has been almost universally panned by the critics but as a shooting sim it captures all the essentials and does so fairly well. From the physics perspective it deals with velocity, ballistics coefficients, bullet trajectory, wind drift, and time-of-flight. The shooter is able to handload cartridges for tailored performance. There is a decent selection of bullet, powders, and cartridges to choose from and a shooting range to allow you to test your loads. I've been able to develop handloads that give .4 MOA accuracy with a 5-shot group within the game. That's pretty good. If you like the intracies of long range shooting this may be for you. I got a lot of satisfaction the first time I hit a prairie dog at over 1000 yds. Just hitting a moving target at this distance in a 15 mph crosswind was difficult, but I had to spend a lot of time and effort building a rifle, selecting the cartridge, bullet, handload, seating depth, etc to make it possible. The game is trialware and easily downloaded on the internet. 30 minute trial. The developer/publisher seems to be out of business.
  3. GR is a victim or its own success. A tactical shooter that took a life of it's own due to its enthusiastic and talented fanbase. How can UBI make money off of expansions when you have dozens of fans like SixPence, Snowfella, etc that can turn out quality expansions and modes in a couple of weeks. It takes UBI years to do the same. This is one reason that UBI was so quick in turning out GRAW2 following GRAW. And I bet GRAW3 is less than a year away. From here on they will attempt to keep the turnaround between major realeases to a minimum so as to discourage modding. As for the GR community, UBI has probably written us off. They know they aren't going to get our money with the current direction GRAW is going and they don't really want it either.
  4. What mod are you playing? What kit/kit file does it crash on? Some of the general things that could cause a CTD would be a missing gun or itm file that is reference in the kit. Missing models may also cause issues. Uppercase letters withinhe kit file that reference the gun file. For example BenelliM1014.gun or benellim1014.GUN within the kit file would cause a CTD.
  5. A.I. is very effective with the RPG's. Less so with the GL's. The issue seems to be with the projectile trajectory arc for the GL's. The ret position is only effective for a narrow range.
  6. I wasn't very clear in my first post. What I'm really talking about is reticule position. I did some playing around with reticule positions in a mission that I have altered. It is a remake of the last mission on the mosque map from "Under the Blood Sun". Except that I have over 200 baddies assaulting. From my testing I've come to the conclusion that reticule position does affect AI accuracy with small arms but RPG7's are still deadly because of the projectile's blast radius. I am going to alter the reticule position on some of my grenade launchers to try and address the issue in my first post.
  7. I am looking for an accurate grenade launcher reticule. By accurate I mean that I want a reticule that allows the AI to be reasonably accurate when using the weapon. The grenade launcher reticules that I am familiar with require the player to intuitively hold high over the desired impact point. If the AI uses the same weapon the grenades always fall short unless the target is within 40-50 meters. THX
  8. Many thanks for everyones work in resolving this. Would have been a loss to the community to lose a Sixpence creation due to a corrupted download.
  9. Can we get a Negev Commando with ACOG and SD? I think the base model negev was included in DTD's IDF mod but I'd like to see one with ACOG and SD also.
  10. What is the consensus on OPFOR composition? Especially regarding grenadiers and rpg's but also including lmg's and snipers. Im am thinking for ELITE difficulty no more than one grenade launcher or rocket launcher per team and perhaps one lmg or sniper per team also. Is this too easy or too challenging? THX
  11. I am looking for Tage des Zorns. This is one of the more recent mods by Sixpence. The only working download that I found was http://www.rainbowsix.org/ghostrecon_downloads812.html Unfortunately the zip file is corrupted. I have contaccted Sixpence about this offline. In the meanwhile if anyone else knows of a working download link I would appreciate it if you'd share it with everone. THX
  12. Has anyone released a MG4/MG43 in a mod? It looks similar to the FN Minimi/M249 SAW. The operation is very similar to the Minimi, gas operated, piston driven, rotating bolt, firing from an open bolt position. The ROF seems to be about slightly higher than the Minimi by about 100 rpm. It is currently in servrice with the Bundeswehr. Originally HK designated it the MG43, the Bundeswehr adopted the designation MG4. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MG4 http://www.defensereview.com/modules.php?n...cle&sid=349 Has a good photo of a German CT operative carrying the weapon in a low ready position. http://www.hkpro.com/ http://www.hkpro.com/mg43.htm http://world.guns.ru/machine/mg40-e.htm http://www.securityarms.com/20010315/galle...s/1700/1714.htm http://www.heckler-koch.de/HKWeb/show/frameContent/18/4/18
  13. I got v1.3 and the v1.5 update. Just can't find v2.0 anyplace.
  14. Does anyone know where I can find the final version of Suleova's TEMP version 2.0? Link to Suleova's post
  15. Across the board. Something with a silencer, decent killing power, and sound rolloff 30 meters or less. Even my LMG's have to have silencers. The exception being if I am clearing rooms or engaged in really heavy CQB. Then it is the USAS-12 shotgun.
  16. Here is something to make it a bit more interesting. Create bullet projectiles. For example 223, 308, 338, etc. The projectile's velocity determines flight time, hence lead against moving targets. Have the weapons' gun files associated with their respective projectile. The shooter/sniper will need someone to provide security. Of course there will have to be patrols which must be evaded or neutralized and enemy snipers also.
  17. The format was wav. The sampling was whatever sixpence released it as. I never did really fix the problem. Removing the music files and the attending xml did stop the CTD though.
  18. What mods have the least amount of noise in night vision? Is the relative size of nvnoise.rsb any indication to the level of noise? THX
  19. I am playing payback missions. Sometimes in a firefight music kicks in. I am pretty certain the music is part of the payback mod. More than half the time GR will CTD 5-15 seconds after the music starts. I tried updating my drivers and altering the hardware acceleration to all settings but it doesn't help. Only thing that does seem to help is disabling EAX but it still crashes occaisonally. Are any others suffering with this? I am going to try deleting the music files and see what happens.
  20. I got the whole enchilada installed. Plus some mods. I figured out what caused the problem. The wav for the rockets was not in my mod directory. But the projectile wav was. Copying them where they belonged and updating the effects.xml fixed the problem. THX
  21. When playing GR I lose my firearm sound after using a LAW or AT4. I can still hear the baddies weapons. I can still hear my rockets launching. But no SMG, LMG or rifle sound for my character. When the next mission starts the sound goes back to normal. Has anyone else had this problem? Is there an easy fix? THX
  22. I think somebody, maybe DTD, did a tutorial for creating the .kit rsb's. Did you look at that?
  23. >spoiler> Silencers are extremely useful. If you stay small you can finish this with a single team member. The way to capture preigo in the compound is to enter through the southern gate. Clear out the southern portion of the compound quietly. Enter the HQ building through the southern door. Don't advance at first, shoot the baddies through the hallway till no more come. Preigo and his bodygaurds are in the room off the hall. Priego is directly opposite the doorway of the room with one guard on each side of him. Skulk north and angle a shot through the doorway at one of the bodyguards. Leave the HQ through the southern exit. Come back in through the main/north entrance to the HQ. Skulk down the hallway and angle a shot in to get the other bodyguard. You just captured Priego without every seeing him. If anyone comes into the compound through the north gate it sets off a trigger for Preigo and his bodyguard detail to evac. Preigo runs first and fast. You aren't going to be able to catch up with him so be ready to drop to one knee to take out his bodyguards quickly before they fade into the fog. Somebody posted a screenshot of the cave entrance. There is one near the NE corner of the compound. It is a tunnel which opens up in the cliff face directly opposite the NE guard tower and MG emplacement. If you lean out the cave opening and look left you got a good shot for the 2 baddies guarding the road below.
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