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  1. GRFS worked fine till i updated the GR drivers to the latest patch. I did a clean install of Windows 7/64 bits but even that is not working. i only got a pop up: "Device is removed: Device hung due to badly formed commands"! secondly I lost my cloud and my savegames. Is there a solution for these two problems? system
  2. This was the info i was searching for, it helps me a lot. Is it even possible to get my men back or is it "Me against the rest"? Anyway, thnx fot helping...
  3. I lost all my checkpoints after a systemcrash. Is there a possibility to get the level (May Day, May Day)?
  4. IDD, that problem of the black screens causes for me several times "DEATH" in VIP Down at the exploded embassy. System: 8800GTX OC Liquid, Nforce680i SLI, E6600, 3,6GHz
  5. When "May day! May Day"! is loading, the loadingscreen gets stuck. only the loading screen is vissible and nothing changes. Who can help me with starting "May day May day"? I've got the latest drivers. Thanks... System: Conroe E66000, 3,6GHz 8800 GTX OC liquid Nforce6800i SLI
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