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  1. Here's some actual gameplay footage from PAX: enjoy, -pat
  2. Check out some of the gameplay footage. I would say we're more of a mix of R6 and BF2 but focused a bit more on destruction and fairly fast paced. We'll be changing and tuning things so what's shown isn't set it stone. Here's a link to some of the video walkthrough of the game as well as some of the actual gameplay: Breach Walkthrough Videos thanks, -pat
  3. At the time before, Konami pulled out, there were several RSE folks here. Including one of the original founders of Red Storm, Juan Benito. I think at one point we had a dozen from RSE one from DICE, some ex-Pandemic, ex-Sony and others. I definitely would say there was no lack of experience in making games in this genre. Some people that had been at Atomic before also worked on the First to Fight series.
  4. Well after months in hidden limbo we finally announced and showed the press the game I've been working on over here at Atomic Games. Breach Hands-on As for Six Days in Fallujah well that's something I can't comment on. Breach should be a fun one, let me know what you all think. It's not GR but still should be fun. thanks, -pat [Admin Edit: Merged with the existing "Breach" discussion thread]
  5. I believe that Future Soldier is the continuation of the GRAW franchise and not the base GR franchise. Though I know more than I'm leading on to here I'll respect the lovely Kimi as information in this industry is guarded like the thermal exhaust port of the death star. I do admit I never like seeing just the hype CG adverts since it really shows nothing of what the game will be like (outside of cut scenes). There's always that "ooohh mysterious.." side to a lot of the marketing blitz for different games that I partly think is pretty played out at this point. I'm just a jaded old developer anyway I guess .
  6. Yeah it was a bit of a rough end of last year with us pretty much going from 76 people down to 12. Of course my ninja reflexes and witty back talk made me an invaluable member of the team so I'm still here and we're still making a game. We've shelved Six Days in Fallujah for now but the president of the company is still hell bent on making it eventually. Hopefully you'll here about our current title in the next several months. I personally think it's a fun game but definitely not the scope of SDiF.... thankfully.
  7. Haha, can't quite rattle them off like I used to, but I dug around the 3dR forums and found a few code names for RSE projects. They generally name them after historical military leaders so "Predator" doesn't seem to fall into the mold, but things might have changed ... http://forums.3dretreat.com/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=5452 Rainbow Six: "Sherman" Eagle Watch: "MacArthur" Rogue Spear: "Rommel" Urban Ops: "Patton" Shadow Watch: "York" Force 21: "Genghis" Ghost Recon 1: "Ike" (as in Eisenhower) Desert Siege: "Powell" Island Thunder: "Kincaid" Sum of All Fears: "Hannibal" Raven Shield: "MacArthur" Ghost Recon 2: "Stonewall" (as in Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson) Here's an old Gr.net thread about the same topic http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=18929 I wonder what game was code-named Montgomery? Here's some additional ones for you: Rainbow 6 Lockdown: "Nimitz" GRAW: "Cortez" GRAW 2: "Pershing" GRAW 2 DLC: "Taylor" America's Army: "Washington" The new GR's internal name is another general and starts with a "W" . From talking with friends at RSE, regardless of the name, it's going to be a great game. I've heard long time RSE devs mention that it's the most solid project they've ever worked on.
  8. When he's crouched pointing the air gun (like air guitar), I'm the one he's pointing at. You can't really tell but short hair and sideburns.
  9. Well we're back in the news folks. Amidst the controversy and general beef. There was a spot on ABC news last night: (I'm in front of Read at marker 1:54 where he's aiming at me with air-gun) Also had a fun little Fox news pewp this morning on fox and friends. The "News Personality" is quite a joke and got ticked off she didn't get a rise out of anyone. http://www.foxnews.com/ And look up the coverage on Six Days in Fallujah. Fun times and great oldies! BTW: Both show some yearly gameplay.
  10. Bit more news for the mulcher: http://www.gamasutra.com/php-bin/news_index.php?story=23391 Of course I am sworn to secrecy.
  11. You know it's often true that not everything said in interviews is set in stone. Wait till it's out or a demo or something then be the judge. Otherwise I would probably say it's too soon to make assumptions of a game's given sexuality. Of course I'm biased and think it will kick some serious ass. Also can't wait for the next GR .
  12. Here's a more complete interview with Peter, Mike and Juan on the game: -pat
  13. Well I'm one of the Ex-RedStorm folks now working on this game. Of course I can't say anything that the PR guys haven't said but have definitely seen some mixed reactions from different groups. All I can say is that a lot of people have been jumping to conclusions and should take the game for what it's worth when we release more information on it. I'm glad I can at least say what I've been working on since leaving RSE a year ago. Rather than "A yet to be announced title" . thanks, -pat
  14. Well amigos it's time. After nearly three years at Red Storm I've decided to pursue opportunities at another game company. Red Storm has been a great experience for me and a great group of people to work with. I'll still be online and playing some GRAW 2 when I can and active on the forums so hit me up for some games. Thanks to everyone in the community for making GR one of the best group of people to play online with. I can't wait for future titles from RSE and to hit up some more co-op and dev vs. fan nights. thanks, -pat aka OlyStubbie.
  15. I'm down almost any night to hit up some community games. Too bad my live crapped out towards the end of the night but I still had a blast. Good games! -pat
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