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  1. Played for a little bit and wasn't thrilled initially but will play some more this weekend before coming to an overall opinion. Biggest issue was the language and immediately uninstalled it from my 11 yr olds gaming rig. Come on Ubisoft, be better than that! However, I still wish they would take all the eye candy from this game an apply it to the Original Ghost Recon and then re-release it. That would be worth more than $60.
  2. Oh me, that's disappointing. Could somebody just remake the original GR with updated graphics--same maps and mission would be fine.
  3. Ordered the game for $20 from Buy.com That was my price point prior to launch. Between this and EA MOH:WF and BF3 Xpansions it's been a crap year. Glad I didn't jump on the bandwagon for any of them. It kills me reading forum posts of people who keep buying this crap and giving their money away. Hopefully Takedown or Groundbranch will prevail in 2013
  4. The best thing about OGR was the ability for great people to make great mods. Those mods kept the game going well past its peak. No matter if you fancy was the HX4 or Frostbite mod or anything else, there was something out there for everyone. Today's games are now selling you DLC that might (or might not) come out over the next year (BF3 premium) and will not release mod tools. I only hope GRFS allows the great modders on this site the tools they need so the game can be something more than just eye candy.
  5. I don't play much FPS on console but you can add me @ SEALZMATRIX
  6. I think throwing in some original maps from GR would bring a lot of excited and even get a few of the old guard to try the game out. The gameplay would still be in question from what I have seen in the trailers.
  7. Or maybe, UBI could just focus on making a game that created enthusiasm like [GR].
  8. 5040 X 1050. Finally got the fixer to work so now I can game triple monitor for those games that don't support Eyefinity. And one for another Ghost
  9. status says Future Soldier looks like suck

  10. Late at night, just remembering the Old GR the way it was meant to be played. My fondest memory is when I was driving around Panama City, FL while at a work conference trying to find Island Thunder on the day of its' release. I remember the people at Wal-Mart looking at me funny like I wasn't "from around there". Anyway, I eventually found it and flew it back home with me so I could hop of the plane, drive home and install it. GRAW 2 I waited until it got to the $19.99 bin before buying. After all these years I just want my OLD GR back From member #181
  11. I like it! Much easier to get where I need to go. Thanks Rocky
  12. 500 keys issued but only 21 players online???? What gives?
  13. Got mine this moring and started download before heading to work!
  14. Can you post some pics for the Barrett?
  15. For me--It is now shelved. I can't find more than 1 server with a decent amount of players and when I do play, I get dropped constantly. I truly believe Grin made a valant effort and hopefully they can right the ship. I will try again when the next patch comes out. AA 2.7 for me right now.
  16. Thank you....I truly appreciate what these modders do. Because of this I will continue to play GR:AW instead of shelving it. The current weapon selection was losing my interest fast.
  17. Well, I honestly think it would be better for someone just to go ahead and start making GR4. I tried to like GR:AW but when you can't get in a decent game over a two week period it tells me something. There have been more people viewing this forum then playing the game at times. Yes, GR:AW is not a sequel and should be judged on it's own. However, it lacks so much from not just [GR], but other games as well. I truly believe GRIN made a wonderful effort with the time frame and manpower they had. I also hope they continue to support the game right up until the next series is released. The game still has not "grabbed" me like I thought it would. Our clan played [GR] solid, every night, for almost two years straight. I still believe the non-release of GR2 for the PC caused a huge fan base loss to the series. People were just not willing to wait that long and AA and BF snatched those groups up. I still come to this site everyday to see what's going on and pray for some weapons modding to get incorporated. Even if the next patch is finally "the one", I do not think we will ever see 500 players online at any given time.
  18. Has there been any mention of updating the current weapon selection for GR:AW? I do enjoy the game, however, the current selection is losing it's luster. I am not advising to add a selection to that of HX5 but just some new ones would be great.
  19. Wonderful. My favorite so far. Keep working the [GR] maps!!
  20. Thank you Thank you! Now I can finally sleep at night.
  21. =GUI= I found in on BDA's Website. Downloads Page
  22. Well--I finally got the Gamespy to work. But now I can't play for more than 2 minutes before "Connection to Service Lost" pops up. Laggy real bad and the whole Domination mode doesn't suit my taste to well either. The whole "buying" of weapons turns me off also. Maybe better once the dedicated server files get out. Looks like SP for a while.
  23. Please say you have Specs for game requirements. I am holding off building a rig until I find these out to make sure I have more than minimum requirements.
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