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  1. http://i237.photobucket.com/albums/ff311/S...12-34-49-73.jpg
  2. There's two more of those little ######**s out there with PRO GR tags, ero1 server, same map. Sry no sceen shot, to focused on tk'in, but I tk'em good
  3. Anyone else have that damn song stuck in there head now? For the past 2 hours, thanks.
  4. I would hope anyone porven would be, and I have no doudt, anyone proven will be
  5. We the jury find the defendent, ilovemecha?..................NOT GUILTY We the jury also find the plaintiff in contempt of court for not producing any evidence in a timely manner you may still be banned though (out of our jurisdiction)
  6. Dont you think thats a little unfair to the better players that have also invested there time and money in this game, because thats whos getting banned, people that hate the hacks as much as you. If I go into the Clone server I know there will not be any cheat accusations and that nobody is going to get vote kicked or banned unless there is proof, the way it should be, the golden rule and all that good stuff. I would bet that there are less hacks in this game than people think, and I know there are FAR more accusations, insinuations, kicks and bans for hacking, questionable game play or what ever, than there are hacks. And that gets on my nerves far more than the hacks. Just my opinion, probable should have just kept my mouth shut.
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