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  1. Maybe you couldn't explain the problem properly. Anyway, I'm outta here.
  2. Here it is then http://rapidshare.com/files/68197099/extrasoldiers.rar Extract into Local\English folder as usual. Mission #5 is also included. You will have to babysit 3+5x4 soldiers instead of 3 loyalists. <group name="ghost_team_a" side="1"> <soldier name="ghost_mitchell"/> <soldier name="ghost_beasley"/> <soldier name="ghost_ramirez"/> <soldier name="delta_sniper"/> </group> <group name="ghost_team_b" side="1"> <soldier name="ghost_brown"/> <soldier name="ghost_hume"/> <soldier name="ghost_jenkins"/> <soldier name="delta_rifleman"/> </group> <group name="us_sf_team_alpha" side="1"> <soldier name="alpha_team_leader"/> <soldier name="alpha_demolition"/> <soldier name="alpha_support"/> <soldier name="alpha_heavy_sniper"/> </group> <group name="us_sf_team_bravo" side="1"> <soldier name="bravo_team_leader"/> <soldier name="bravo_demolition"/> <soldier name="bravo_support"/> <soldier name="bravo_sniper"/> </group> <group name="us_sf_team_charlie" side="1"> <soldier name="charlie_team_leader"/> <soldier name="charlie_demolition"/> <soldier name="charlie_support"/> <soldier name="charlie_sniper"/> </group> These are the groups you'll be able to use in the editor but you can create custom groups similar to the ones above using the soldiers in extra_groups.xml (or customize the existing ones). But before everything else, open extra_groups.xml using a text editor and check the soldier kits carefully. Some of the weapons I gave them are in different slots than the default ones and I haven't included my weapon_data.xml. Oh btw you get to see yourself from behind in the game, which is spooky, plus you will find out that Mitchell, contrary to rumours, doesn't really run around headless.
  3. In Local\English\lib\managers\xml\weapon_data.xml find the weapon you want and change the following parameters <weapon_data unit="g36" name="g36" ... inventory_slot="primary" inventory_slot_id="1"...> <weapon_data unit="g36" name="g36" ... inventory_slot="secondary" inventory_slot_id="3"...> inventory_slot="primary" inventory_slot_id="1" -> Primary Weapon inventory_slot="secondary" inventory_slot_id="3" -> Secondary Weapon inventory_slot="sidearm" inventory_slot_id="4" -> Sidearm inventory_slot="extra_gear" inventory_slot_id="5" -> Frag Grenade inventory_slot="extra_gear" inventory_slot_id="6" -> Smoke Grenade inventory_slot="extra_gear" inventory_slot_id="7" -> Predator (The 2nd slot is used for GLs). Rifles can be placed into slot #5, 6 or 7 as well. Can be useful for example when you don't want grenades for a specific mission, you can have something else instead (Hint: M32 ) in that slot. Use your imagination. Here's how to enable the G36 in the game. http://rapidshare.com/files/68205151/enableg36.txt
  4. There really is no easy way to do this. I can give you the files you need to add extra soldiers but you have to put them into each mission using the editor, place waypoints for each group if you want them to patrol/guard etc, give them IDs etc. and then manually edit missionxx.xml.
  5. I didn't combine them the way you try to do, so I have no idea what went wrong, though it sounds like the gui textures are messed up. Try renaming the textures like this and then copy them into your_mod\textures\atlas_gui\atlas_wp_select\diffuse\. Brettzies wp_group01.dds -> gc_wp_group01.dds wp_group02.dds -> gc_wp_group07.dds wp_group03.dds -> gc_wp_group03.dds wp_group04.dds -> gc_wp_group04.dds wp_group05.dds -> gc_wp_group05.dds Masada wp_group04.dds -> gc_wp_group06.dds Can't help you with the RX4 but the reason why the crye didn't work is probably because the crye and the mrc (same weapon) can't be used as a primary weapon at the same time. This is the directory structure of all the necessary files. Make sure that yours is the same. You may have a few extra files but that's not that important. Don't bother with the files in textures, objects and sound directories, I didn't change anything in them, just copy & paste. http://rapidshare.com/files/68089641/dirs.txt As for the G36K and the G36C I'll try to explain how to enable them in the game a little later.
  6. Well, those were the 'extras'. I think combining different parts of various xml files is what cause the headache. At least I saved you from that. Ps. Please don't send me PMs for a download link. I don't have one and I can't/won't upload it anywhere again.
  7. No big deal really, I just modified various xml files. Yes, you can either use the default marines or US Special Forces (mexican sf, not anything new) or both. I simply created different classes from the mexican models and gave them quality weapons, such as M32. I'm not sure it's doable for the rest of the missions though. Placing them on the map is a bit difficult. GRAW2 editor keeps crashing on my pc so I have to rely on trial & error for coordinates.
  8. Have a look at the pic below. It's from mission 5. I actually created a new unit called US SF which is based on the Mexican SF models and added 5 x 4 additional soldiers into the mission so now I control an army of 24!
  9. I don't know really, but it worked without a problem on my PC. Try this then http://rapidshare.com/files/67243550/mission06.zip [186 KB] Extract the content into Local\English\levels\mission06\ It should work.
  10. The files you're looking for are data\levels\mission06\xml\world.xml and data\levels\mission06\mission.xml. Though I'm not quite sure how, but try this: In world.xml loyalists3 -> us_marines_squad3 and in mission.xml support_loyalists -> support_us_marines This should change the player-controlled squad into marines instead of loyalists. You can actually add 4 additional 3-people squads (controllable, either marines or loyalists or both) just by editing these two files.
  11. Hi, lib\managers\xml\weapon_data.xml doesn't contain a specific section or value for 40mm grenades but I've tried adding all possible parameters such as "clip", "spare_clips", "gl_clip", "spare_gl_clips", "ammo", "capacity" etc in the mod section shown below. Neither of them worked there. <weapon_data ... <mods front="true" top="true" bottom="true"> ... <mod mod_id="56" [here]/> <!-- crye_grenade_launcher --> </mods> <bio local="weapon_crye_bio"/> </weapon_data> Several different places that I've tried in lib\managers\xml\mod_data.xml didn't work either. In units\weapons\u_addons.xml and in units\weapons\u_grenades.xml I've tried adding the same parameters above, similar to the "clip_max" variable below. That didn't work either. <stats block="weapon_data"> .... <var name="clip_max" value="1"/> I've also tried uncommenting the following lines and changing the default value in sb_templates\sb_inventory_data.xml <var name="ammo_40mm" type="number"/> (uncommenting this one crashes the game) <var name="ammo_max_40mm" type="number" default="10"/> and in sb_templates\sb_weapon_data.xml <var name="clip" type="number" default="10"/> <var name="clip_max" type="number" default="10"/> <var name="spare_clips" type="number" default="10"/> <var name="gl_clip" type="number" default="10"/> <var name="spare_gl_clips" type="number" default="10"/> ... etc Again, nothing happened. Don't know what else is left. BTW, I've finished the SP campaign twice using the "realistic" approach. Now, I just want to blow things up.
  12. Hi, Not sure if this is right section of the modding forum for this, but there's a series of parameters called xp_values in ghost_templates.xml which seem to be related to the characters' experience level (stealth, awareness, stamina, long_range_weapons, short_range_weapons, aggressiveness, tactical_ability, morale) in single player . @xp_values(10, 10, 8, 10, 8, 8, 13, 13) and @xp_values(10, 10, 9, 9, 9, 8, 13, 13) are the two variations used in the game. Does anyone know the highest (and the lowest) possible values for each of them? (I mean the official ones)
  13. No, but I'm only interested in modifying the single player campaign. Does that file have any effect on single player?
  14. Thanks, but there really isn't much in the PDFs that I can try out, except the clips="" parameter which you can add to weapon mods. However, even when you create a kit with a mod and add, say clip="10", it still limits the number of 40mm grenades to 5 (1+4). Apparently, the limit is 5 while the default value is 4. I have no idea where the game reads the default or the "max" value from. I've tried placing "clip", "spare_clips", "gl_clip", "spare_gl_clips" etc in all sorts of places in different xml files but none of them worked. It seems as if the value is hard coded in the game. If you change the "clip_max" parameter in u_addons.xml, you do get more grenades, but shooting ten times with one grenade doesn't seem very realistic. The following code gives you the amount of grenades you want, if you add it to the "mission.xml", though only in the "training_grounds" level but It would be kind of absurd to place weapons on the ground so that you can pick them up when the mission starts. <element type="CreateUnit" weapon="scar_light" pos="4046 827 28" yaw_pitch_roll="0 0 95"> <mod name="scar_grenade_launcher" spare_clips="10" /> <mod name="aimpoint" /> </element>
  15. P90 and UMP45 as secondary weapons would be cool. What about the SA80 (Enfield L85) as primary? http://www.modernfirearms.net/assault/as22-e.htm
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