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  1. Hi, When running GRAW2 with high settings (texture quality high etc).. But AA turned off.. I get very low FPS.. about 20-30FPS.. Is this normal or should i expcet more from thoes cards? btw screen res is at 1280x780.. Specs Dual 8700M GT's with 256MB each in SLI CoreDuo 2.8g 4Gig ram PS: yes i've tried many different drivers. Thanks Steve
  2. Yeah it is.. I uninstalled my nvidia drivers and reinstalled them so everything would go back to defaults. Now the game won't start in SLI mode... (normally there was an SLI logo on the top left).. I'm checking the nvidia control panel but i'm not to sure what i should have set for graw2.exe -force frame rendering -alt frame rendering 1 / 2 any ideas?
  3. Hi Guys, I've just purchased the DELL XPS M1730 which comes with Ghost Recon.. The laptop has dual 8700M's in an SLI configuration. For some reason i cannot select high texture quality, it only allows me to select low. I've read this is because you need a gfx card with 512MB. Each of the 8700m's are 256 which makes 512MB in SLI. Any ideas how to get this working? Thanks Steve
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