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  1. Of course man, GRAW2 is still my favourite. I played CoD4 for a time, but when so many people join in a teamdeath match game, it becomes really @#$!#$% ... it has maybe no tactics, just grenades and RPG spam ... hate that ... sometimes die without reason Hope to have more co-op and new 15men co-op, don't know wether I keep pace of the version ...
  2. Love the Embassy map in GRAW. Now I can run around the embassy with more options to camp :D Thanks.
  3. Thanks to authors of all maps we have here ... :D At last, we get really awesome COOP map, my favourite . Defending the perimeter is really, really ... I and my friends are stuck of defending as if it never ended. Looking for more COOP
  4. Sure! Go for it! Oh wait.. it ain't my map! lol I really want to learn to do this. Not ask permission but make coop maps as it's my favorite mode of play. Especially those with progressive respawn. ok, no problem bro' Great news from GR.net, just come back after a long time off. See new maps, but seems less COOP, I really fond of COOP, keep on going AJ and RPG ...
  5. It seems Ubi gonna release a new GR version !!! Have to spend $ into it. Hope Ubi will release PC version soon But, I really dont know what the image is !!! the image
  6. Haven't been online for a long time, played CoD4 with my guys ... , but i already reinstalled GRAW2 and download maps for my favourite game . See those maps seem really good, gonna try them out tonight But why dont have any more new coop maps since I was off ??? Really looking forward to coop mod for these maps, they looks great if we have team matches.
  7. U can include me into the "playing-er " ... just run out of a bundle of final exam and "I AM BACK" hehe Hope servers for co-op still working well
  8. U mean a combination of all kinds of weapons like those ?!?! OMG, it would be invincible ... Just a joke. But the idea of a 12-gauge gun is great. GRAW 2 is sometimes performed in close-quarter but lack of bolting-action guns such as 12-gauge. Hope modder will rend them soon.
  9. Jack is right. U should check through ur mainboard too, because of ur last overclocking may still effect. But according to my experience with burning graphic card !!! I played GRAW 1 for about 2 hours and my PC automatically restarted ... I thought it was virus or somethings wrong with my softwares, actually after a burning node with my graphic card ... ... I just have to open my case and improve a big fan right into the case for cooling. Everythings is OK after that, even with heavily loaded system for hours.
  10. Come back to Forum for a pretty long time off. Read lots of funny and maybe badd... news. I am playing CoD4 but finished it, still want to keep on coop ... Glad to know that still have awesome modder modding map for GRAW ... Very fond of coop, men. Hope Tinker + Rpg keep their promises about new coops hehe This kind of team-game is always fansinating ... Looking forward to new maps ... and thx for modders very much
  11. Already seen servers had it ... where to download friend ?? It looks a pretty interesting map. Want to try it out
  12. Glad to see ur responde, more happy to know that u keep on mapping for GRAW ... Hehehe, always looking for maps . One more thing, if u need help in mapping, just ask out, lots of men will join. U can include me in ...
  13. U should not be so pessimistic, RpgHard !!! . Of course everybody always look for new maps with eagerness. And for long time no see a new maps, they may get some over behaviour. Everyone will always happy to receive new maps and thanks the creators. Of course, I also agree with CJo, GRAW is so restricted from creations. If it is easier to create maps, u can get more men to help u in mapping
  14. Can u add the COOP mod into the map ??? I don't like those MOD very much !!! . The fact that I don't have much friends who play this game As u can see my signature
  15. I already have 3Dmax + Photoshop CS 3, maybe the CS 3 work with map creation ... But what about Bunddle extractor ??? Can u give me more detail about it ??? Is the program's name "Bunddle extrator" ???
  16. So I have to be keen on searching for Servers with suitable MOD support !!! ... So long time for me to search ... I have rolled back my English folder, come back to the original MOD and then play in original MOD supporting servers for fast ... Anyway, thanks for ur help, Quarter
  17. After I installed some patches, such as Magpul Masada, Brettzies Weapon pack, ..., I cannot join some servers !!! They told me that they (servers) didn't allow me to join because I had changed some features of the Game, I could cheated ... So, do patches only work in SingMode ??? I cannot use it in MultiMode ??? Plzzz, helppp
  18. They are really awesome guns. Glad to try them in GRAW 2, hehe. But in my opinion, I dont like gun with magazine at backside. It look a little strange But anyway, as I say, always glad to try those new guns in GRAW 2. Hope to see them released soon
  19. my goooddddd, 204 views and noone reply !!! I already asked the Ubi for those but got a negative support. Even if u know that there is restriction for helper, say it out. hey Aces.Ghost, is there any restrictions for ur helper ??? Are they have to be in GRIN group ???
  20. Spectacular landscapes show variety terrain. Great job, man. Keep on working harder ... looking forward to playing ur map, _32_
  21. Sorry Biro, I get trouble when install this coop map I download the map and unpack it into "custom_levels" folder. But I cannot play GRAW 2 when the map is still in the folder !!!! I get this error message : "Crash in application version: 0.2989 Custom level bundle coop_castle_day contains an invalid file path" Please check out that error. Thanks for reading
  22. I already have downloaded + installed the weapon pack as instruction. But I dont know how to use it in game ??? Can I use it in SP or MP ??? And how different does it make to the original mod ???? Does it make the guns looked differnet from the origin as the pictures which Snow showed ???
  23. I cannot watch the movie !!! Can u upload a new link or the decoder for the movie ??? Thanks Black Please let me know that error message. That trouble cause may be your windows mediaplayer. No problem my Windows XP mediaplayer. A special decoder is not used for this movie. Those movies were made by Windows movie maker. Or did you copy and paste that url by text? On this forum, url is omits displayed. (mean part of ...) Just click link or try use mouse right click and shortcut copy command to get url. Otherwise, your provider will have a problem in the solution of DNS. Cheers Thanks Black for ur reply. I check out my WMP any everythings is OK now. I can see ur movies ... kekeke Cool movies, bro Keep on moving man hehe
  24. I am really addicted in the way battles going on, how I control my kingdom. But it is really hard in the original version !!! Taking a short read at ur posts, I may try to test my patience at this new version !!! Hey, but anyone know where to upgrade to that version of "Mediaval Total war II" ??? Show me the link to upgrade Thannkssss very much
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