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  1. i havent made any skins for graw but here is what i would recommend you doing... -->make acu camo pat a bit smaller, bump up the res of it as well. -->also, if you want to add a "word" logo i suggest putting it on the back of helmets or on the vest. (front or rear) -->change the vest color. maybe make it acu, or a light tan/green color -->when adding a logo to a mirrored uv, find one that is symmetrical on both sides. if it has words, either remove them, or make the words in the logo unreadable
  2. i cant really adjust the webbing of the vests since im not a modeler. but i fi was a modeler, i would just remodel the whole character btw, which skin do you think looks better? the on in this topic (v3) or this one (v2) link: http://callofduty.filefront.com/file/TriTa...amo_Skins;85545 i may just make a couple different skin varients and include em in one package. that way the user can decide which skin he would rather have
  3. yea i had a hard time deciding what to do with the vests. in videos of royal marines, some guys had tan vests, od green vests, and wdlnd camo. so i just made hte "heavy soldiers" use a tan vest and "light soldiers" use od green i tried to make the helmets looks more like the uk ones by adding the light tan straps but i couldnt get the straps to look right. here is an attempt at adding the helmet straps...
  4. thanks. according to your sig, i would assume that you are from the UK? are the skins pretty accurate?
  5. yea, i noticed the 3 sas guys and the helos/obstacle course the first time around one of the sas's name is Mac, maybe? anyways, in the SAS defense mission (cant remember the name), where you have to fall back to the farm, a sas guy named mac or something dies. so one of the miscellaneous guys from teh fng mission, dies later on
  6. here is my 3rd attempt at skinning the us marines to look like brits. lemme know what you guys think. the skin is going through its final stages and should be uploaded to cod files on filefront soon. images (click for larger size):
  7. would be nice if it did. the map looks great! but i doubt IW will release too many PC maps and such since it is rather easy to create maps yourself but idk...
  8. contrary to what most people think about that mysterious object being a piece of a satellite, im gonna have to disagree. ive watched all the clips and listened to em and if you listen to the last one closely the guys in teh JSF are being shot at by a few SAMS. then all of a sudden they are engaging in combat and tehn all the enemy units are KIA. i think it could be an air combat game of some sorts from ubisoft which seems kind of odd considering it was on the GR webpage. so what is it now, Ghost Recon Advanced Air Warrior also, i opened up google earth and tried to find a location on the map that looked like the one at the beginning of the clip. the onyl areas i could come up with are the following: -->where africa touches spain -->arabian gulf -->tip of S. america that touches central america those are the places i could locate that looked similar to that on the video clip. now, who know, the map on the video clip could just be a made up location or something else...like a smaller area and i jsut realized, it is no longer only on teh GR webpage, it is all over all the other ubisoft game websites. so maybe, its a new game all together. or maybe they just wanna screw with us sorry this post is so long but ive done even more research the MACSAT is actually a satellite deployed in 1990 and used in the Gulf War to relay messages to troops and such. here is a quote from a site: "...May 9, 1990 began to furnish operational communications support to USMC aircraft involved in Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm..." on another webpage the satellite is supposedly belonging to malaysia O_o weird. but most sites have stated that the satellite itself is a NEO satellite meaning it orbits the earth near the equator. so that could open up the floor to more mexico crap btw, i know i may contradict myself a bit but tahts cause im continually doing research
  9. lol yea idk what i was thinking i think it was late at night anyways
  10. lol ur not too coll PG but yea, i think someone should try making the cobra look like taht
  11. i couldnt find the file at first its in IW_00 near the end. the files start with ch46e_...
  12. haha. i was trying to leave myself out cause i didnt wanna seem selfish
  13. so i was just wondering, who do you guys think is the best cod4 skinner out there? i think the best two out there are DerRelient and Knifinface. who do you guys think is the best one out there?
  14. haha yea i ran out of ideas. after you run out you stop skinning for awhile then you get an idea all of a sudden maybe skin some vehicles for cod4?
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