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  1. Very pleasing release. Let's hope they dont do a U-turn - though the tone suggests that it fits somewhere in the middle of their projections, rather than at the bottom...so I'm sure it will survive any cuts, right through to release. very much looking forward to the furore on this site - upon the day of it's release. Rock on.
  2. Still got some interesting quirks and buggy elements...but they are over-ridden by the wealth of opportunities that are available here, in terms of using this engine as a real joint-operations simulator (kinda well named then, eh?) assuming the server is locked and all players are rostered and playing to a basic set of rules. They fact that you can have bots man the bases and patorl choppers and boats, makes team play a real possibility. With a decent level of interest here, we could easily organise a GRNET team ladder - to get started with - with 3 or 4 teams playing each other regularly.
  3. Glesga. That's Glasgow, Scotland. (A northern state of Engurland)
  4. So which category is this then? By the way - Ive since remastered and tweaked...for anybody that fancies a listen. I'm off to play some GR now....
  5. To those that were outraged about the console platform being 'preferred' by UBI...there is the sound business reason. Anyone here who still thinks they are mad would make a very sorry businessman indeed. It's a simple fact. Live with it. It will follow on PC, I'm sure, we just need to bide.
  6. No - but I aim to try it tonite, before GR practice (obviously!). To both of you: you know you can click on a tab in the server select screen to change it to PLAYERS. SO we can check to see if any of us are on and just join that game. My name is WEEBOZ - so keep yer peelers open. Perhaps we could arrange a time suitable for our time regions for this saturday or sunday - or even friday? PS - good to see you sticking to the ol M16 Mr Sart!
  7. Yup - this is what I mean., You need to stick with it and evelop the tactics to realise the game potential. Commandeering a dinghy with a buddy and sneaking around the enemy island before taking control of a jeep and hitting the mountain track, to go up and take a vantage point from behind the enemy base - then pick yer targets off. Or sneak up to the enemies rear base (usually quiet) and nick a rocket or gun chopper and go add to the mayhem at their front base while under attack. Checkout the gunboat - moored next to the container ship just off the east island - take a chopper out and
  8. Bit Torrent stream from 3d Gamers seems like a working option...though very low bandwidth.
  9. Ahhhh Para. I gotta love ya ol' boy! Completely disagree (naturally! ). The fact that we are here discussing the death of the very man, TEN YEARS after the event, and on a military FPS fan site (and not a grunge appreciation site) kind of suggests that there was a lasting impression - if not by his music then by the man himself. Personally, I would argue you cannot seperate the 2 entities in any case. I can appreciate many not caring for the Seattle delinquents of the grunge scene, but seriously...MTV's Nirvana Unplugged session will remain on my shelf for a long time for the simple r
  10. heheh. Not trance, no. Would normally be referred to ("on the scene, dude:P ") as either IDM, Laptop Electronic, or simply just electronic. of an ambient nature, of course. Definitely not trance. In fact that would be like me saying Rammstein is romantic soft rock. Way off field. Anyway...who cares what pigeon hole ppl want ot put it in, music is music and pigeon holing is for music haters. It's just music. EDIT: In fact, what Major Max says...
  11. One of the few deaths outside my family to have affected me in some small way. I remember sitting in reg in 2nd year at High School when I heard. Always an asset to his art.
  12. I know this is mainly for the benefit of the few (ie Mac/Havok/DR ) that listen to this kinda stuff, but here is my latest little studio knock-out. Wrote it over a few nights and a weekend of last week or 2. Kind of inspired by a recent week spent in and out of our local hospital (just visiting!)....more ambient than my usual techie stuff. Hope you enjoy. In10sive Cares
  13. Tasty...tasty, very very Tasty. It's very tasty. I'll ave it.
  14. waddayamean? you have a full cohort of able and willing staffers about....I'm sure the empire has room to grow some more.... can be another part of the portfolio.....
  15. Well summarised Mac. Looking forward to press-ganging GRNET team into giving this whirl at some point over the coming few weeks in between practice. Hows about it guys? Go download!!
  16. sew my sides up...you big kidder u. =))
  17. quote: MagnumKP Don't worry Mag...mere words won't have any bearing on that.
  18. You know, I think there is plenty of scope for this. bear in mind a couple of things, that I note from ppl posting here about different games: GR is utter BS when played on a random server as Teams and with a bunch of noob runners. We don't play GR that way - we play it in a highly organised format, playing by the book as it were, and have already grown to love the game. When ppl shoot down games like Call of Duty and stuff like this demo here, they often lose objectivity - bear in mind you are not playing these games on a level playing field with GR. If you were to round up your u
  19. Oh yeah... the forums are new. right guid work there, too. Just thought I was somewhere else..
  20. Im with KP on this one. Except I'd be naked.
  21. XO: I'm not a guitarist - tho my bro is - and I do work quite closely with Line 6 products and staff here in UK (we are their biggest account in Europe). My thoughts have always been that they are a strong brand - strong products, and always at the forefront. My bro has a Gport, and for the cash (about £99) it's well worth the cash. Check out the site at Line 6 for info...basically allows u to direct record to your PC via USB - and incorporate a whole range of amp models from british 50s classics to 80's crunch rigs - loads of em to download. Also has effects such as reverb, delay, overdriv
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