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  1. I like it. grid thing is becoming overused.
  2. Quick answer - yes. But you'd need to ask one of the more knowledgable chaps around here for links, etc.
  3. Quote: Rocky Hmmm...I'm hoping that GR2 may actually be a milestone in terms of marked divisions between the PC and console markets. The idea that games are simply 'ported' is becoming less attractive - certainly to the PC market. Let's hope the same savvy that has taken UBI to the top will lead to them producing effectively 2 products. If they do not, and simply churn out a PC version of what is essentially a console game, then it would fly in the face of their obviously continuing support for the PC market - with titles such as Silent Hunter III and Settlers V...which are more aimed
  4. I liked it. Some creepy video styles.
  5. It's not even May yet. This game will hit in time for Crimbo 04. That's a long way away. As someone has pointed out in a previous post...RSE have never let this community down. While the XBOX variant will probably be just what the console crowd are after, I'm more than certain that what lands on our desktop PCs will be EXACTLY what we are hoping it will be. They know that they got it right with GR. When something aint broke (and sold by the truckload) you don't go looking to fix it. GR2 will be here, and probably in 2 different flavours. Yes it looks great, and will look even be
  6. where did they all go? Just a bunch of rabble-rowsers here now.... (on a serious note - congrats CR6, I'll be sure to pick your brains on some technical issues I'm having!)
  7. MD are great for field recordings if you are into making music - grab a little mic and u can get some excellent environment recordings that you can use as great sounds in tracks. For pure music listening - go for the MP3 player. MD is a wasted expense unless u also hav it connected to a hi-fi in your house - in which case it IS worth considering. These guys ^^ all make good points - you choose.
  8. Yo Zebb - I hear u. It is a problem with any game that opens to 'The Publik'... you get abuse and plonkers in equal measure. I tend to find the best servers are the 32/32 or 64/64 sized games - and often the ones named after clans...played an hour last night on a serve called "NS Recruiting" (UK) and had a cracking time. Very tough - and demanding...but all fair play - and plenty of dedicated roles being played such as a good chinook pilot and a couple of other guys who were playing same role as me...so I think u just need to hop around to find a good game then settle for an hour.
  9. *blah blah blah blah, rant rant rant* (goes elsewhere to vent some emotion over this topic - presumably somewhere that human emotion is actually allowable... ) PS - Hey look at my post count <<<<<<<<<<<<< wOOt!!!
  10. Syncopator

    Hey Boz...

    One of my mates (records under "Mosca") sat in work one day and did something along these lines....with the Windows sounds. Just fired them into Soundforge and had a good screw around. This is great - just like old 4-track days. hehe. Glad you got Traktor Mag - I'm sure you purchased a legt copy of course.....from us?? www.soundcontrol.co.uk hehe or not.... Look forward to hearing the radio station!!!!! PS - I can get u the manual as a PDF without trubble I dont think...just PM me - I'll email u it.
  11. Yeah. I'm now 100% on the purchase. Sure, I'm certain there will be a fairly lenghty period of getting it 'just right' but it was same for GR. I reckon this time next year - gaming will be bliss with JO in ful swing - patched up and whatnot, and GR2 thoroughly landed on our laps. Ahhh the joy. Been playing some more JO today for few hours on a 64 server (about just right numbers wise) and really starting to develop a strategy for chopper/sniper..and hit the top few on the leaderboard and work with a few other players who were on for the same duration. All promising.
  12. Ahhhhhhh S***********!!! Thats a SAIR yin man. SAIR. I'm sure you can recover it somehow? no?
  13. HERE So..now we can wipe our asses with our GR2 discs?
  14. I'm sorry. As a marketing bod - I just can't help myself with that line - gotta be the cheesiest strapline Ive ever seen on a press release of ANY kind! Top work to UBI's PR ppl - that's worth a bottle of bubbly for sure! "the world's premier land force" HAHAHA! Superb. Go take a look at Iraq.... (hey - I'm only kidding all you Boz-bashers - I'm ONLY KIDDING!! - just being satirical...not political.... ) You have to laugh tho...it's a cracking bit of press bumble...
  15. I dont get it. It's a computer game. It was fun at the time and preceded most of the games we all love and play today. It was the perfect intro to FPS online multiplay. So what makes it so bad? Sure - it stinks these days, and is just a dumping ground for cheating noobs...but it had it's time, and was great fun. I'll not hear another bad word against it! I mean - we can all be self-righteous - bear in mind a recent issue of PC Gamer gave GR a frankly funny 67% when reviewing it as a £9.99 budget release - hailing it as the biggest pile of dung they had played that month
  16. I began there. Once upon a time. We all began there. ADMIT IT!
  17. must admit - been waiting for this since Predator 2...(you remember the Alien heads hanging on the walls of the Predator Spacecraft??) and since the early Dark Horse comics....ahh the days....
  18. Arms, Legs, Heads...I've heard those East Coast types have spare body parts shops in every town... *runs* Oh...you mean firearms??
  19. Ye - sorry Rocky - got dragged off to Tesco. Yes - you need to start a room and it goes when u log off. if I'm logged in here - chances are - I'll have a room up in isketch....
  20. I have a GRNET room up - just look for it on the list. Come join!!
  21. Ive just found a reason to go into work now... HERE Let's play.
  22. Rubs hands gleefully. GR2 can take all year if it likes...no point in rushing it now, is there?
  23. *ahem* anywa...back on topic.
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