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  1. aye OK - we don't ALL live in the posh bits! I missed them crashing the rover into a brick wall....was it good?
  2. Indeed I did. A good grasp of English is a potent skill indeed....
  3. Nightmare: You never fail to amaze me with your bizarre input on my music threads. Havent the foggiest clue what you are talking about there mate - but you aint talking about Autechre. That idiot rave head Scootex or whatever has bog all to do with Warp or and semblance of decent music....Google let u down there I think.,.. Havok: Spot on mate - I figured a man of taste would have have sampled some delights! Ye - it is very very tough to get into...just feeling my way in just now - bought "EP7" - some cracking artwork and jewel case...some of the tracks are just nuts. Will che
  4. d/l now. Will check em out calius and give u some feedback. Not strictly my kinda ######....but always good to hear other electronic knob twiddlers at work. Check out some of my guff at Evident Side FX more IDM kinda stuff and some acidy rubbish.
  5. Any fans of Sheffield electronic geniuses/nutjobs "Autechre" here? I'm just wondering.....
  6. Then some clumsy drunken idiot comes along and knocks 97 of em off the wall. 1 green bottle...sittin on the wall. If 1 green bottle should accidentally fall...
  7. 1.What are the date schedules for beta & demo releases and will this be public? 2.What will be the target minimum machine spec for the final release in terms of CPU/GPU..etc. 3.Will there be more advanced AI scripting and an opportunity to incorporate this into co-op play? 4. Expected price point?
  8. oh yeah...Sart seems to get everywhere doesnt he? I found him at the bottom of our bed this morning.... ..or was that the dog?
  9. Ahoy any of you fellow subsimmers.... SH III is fast becoming a reality....2004 continues to promise great things. Check out the trailer - available HERE. It looks atmospheric as hell...obviously not much told of the game as this will probably just be intro footage - but good signs for the visual engine anyway. Keep the peelers on that one this year.....
  10. Pave Low or SOTOMac might be able to help...they have both investigated this I think...
  11. Surely to exist purely with the mandate of having no meaning...is to have a very definite meaning. A meaning of nothingness....tral la la la la .....*hic* *put the bottle of Jack down.....* (falls of chair pontificating in mid-swing) *doof*
  12. Syncopator


    Woah - that just reminded me - do you remember that game? Called 'Rolling Thunder' or something similar?? It was out on the 8-bits' - I played it on speccie and the Amstrad CPC464.... You were a tall thin skinny guy in a side-scroller thing - and could do mad somersaults and jumps as u fought your way along. Vague memory... can someone help me out? PS - sorry for jacking the thread - just got memory block.
  13. You answer your own question. Over here, we dont. Some of the finest comedy produced on UK TV was on a 1 or 2 series basis, Fawlty Towers being a prime example. It's the same with mini Mars bars. Taste far better than King Size. Less is more.
  14. SOTOMac: We have a team being assembled for JO over at [TE.net] with some familiar faces from here including Rocky, T, Pave, Sart (and even a few good guys ), and I'm sure we would be up for some competitive small scale operations. How many guys do you have together? PM me if you think there is scope in getting everyone together for a few hours. I'm sure it would be good to play this game away from the madness of public servers.
  15. DS - I'm with ya all the way on that post. Even here in land of the Weegie...the ignorance of some ppl really astounds me and dismays me. Most watched channel: News 24 2nd most watched channel: SKY News 3rd most watched channel: Channel 4 (for the news) speaks for itself...
  16. D/l this today. Great stuff. Will be worth keeping an eye out for it's full final release...still just a gimmick. Good as a bit fun and could be handy when working with several windows at same time.
  17. It;s nestling on the shelf next to me - and has been for 2 years....unread. Is it worth it? Always thought McNab was a bit of a twit.
  18. Top Work Yoda...gives high-flier a whole new meaning.
  19. What's this? A Scot into Hockey?? I don't know...the yoof of today...wi their flamin internet and whatnot.. *should be down the local fitba pitches cheerin oan yer local pub team!*
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