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  1. Hmmm...cool. Now those peeps have aother game to play without having to upgrade.... GR2. Lucky, eh? jus kiddin folks...*honest*
  2. QUOTE: Dannik: Ye - I think it is a deluxe..not sure....and who said anything about "buying"... I have a friend in a computet parts store who owes me a favour or two...they get spare peices with every order....so can syphen stuff off.... QUOTE: WhiteKnight77 Yeah, I usually leave the jumper on the "Drive Select" jumper (or whatever it's called again) you know the one that works with ULTRA ATA-133 to just designate master or slave depending on whether u connect the Grey or the Black connector... Are you saying that it is wise to remove jumper completely in event of problem?
  3. Not the issue. The reality is that PC users have a) Internet access (broadband especially) and b) CD/DVD-writers, almost across the board. ie. PC users typically involve themselves in the piracy/transfer of pirated material MUCH easier than the typical console owner...many of which have no computing skills whatsoever and whom have to rely on market stalls, external suppliers, etc. With Kazaa and p2p in general - the PC market represents a much more aggressive market for pirate and unlicensed software. That dollar difference between those PC users and the console market is substati
  4. Thanks for the definitive bottom line Dannik. I rarely venture into Computer Discussions - but when I need to do so, I always get answers! Cheers guys.
  5. Great investigative report Snowman - good stuff. Unfortunately your discovery seems to suggest that GR2 for the PC is not worth holding our breath for. Not until it actually comes into being. It is clear that as a key UBI product - GR2 is being aimed fair and square at the console market with specific X-Box and PS2 versions. The PC product will either be a good deal of time later and perhaps much more what we are after...or as I seriously now believe (with much dismay) just a port of the X-box console variant. Sorry...but if I was to put money down on it today...I'd say the latter is
  6. cool cheers Supa. If it's good enough for WK - it'll certainly do me sir!
  7. QUOTE: PARA A point worth bearing in mind I suppose. Let's just hope they actually optimise the PC port as a seperate project in order to maximise the added capabilities and power. That was the issue that I was doubting. Only time will tell...I suppose.
  8. Hi peeps.. Quick pop quiz: I just acquired a new CPU and heatsink/fan (Athlon 3000 - but not sure which core variant) and set about replacing my creaking 1900+ However...problem is it is only being recognised as a 2100+ and running at 1.73Ghz....which is hardly a boost on my previous 1.6Ghz!! I'm sure it is an Athlon 3000 (it came from a friend at a computer retailer, and does have "3000" inscribed in the numbering on the chip). So...what's up? To start the answer...I have a pretty old mobo - Asus A7N-266 v/m (microAtx variant) This doesnt let me change the FSB settings an
  9. Hah! Oh yeah...I ws one of those jilted Commodore fans. God...I even bought a 1200! Sorry...GR2...back OT:
  10. Cleanse thy mind my son....remove it of any dross....that's it......you can see our dear beloved Britney now can't you? Think poster on Fridge door.....yes....now you see it...now you see em...
  11. *tries to imagine Mr Ghost Recon himself...playing Mario & Zelda* Nah...just can't picture it NY!!! Sitting chasing little green dragons in your BDUs...
  12. That's just it. I had expectations...but it is also something that most people normally would never witness. Curiousity is a natural attribute of humanity - even in macabre circumstances such as this. When it only takes one click - it can be hard not to look upon something. Even when you have an idea of its gruesome nature. It is by this that we can really witness and experience the feeling of revultion that reinforces the fact that we are in fact human. If I had watched it and felt nothing - then I would have found out something bad about myself. Needless to say, I did feel - sick. I
  13. Ive thought twice about posting about this topic, and if a moderator feels they wish to delete this post - please do. I understand. Just worth saying though. Just viewed that video. of the beheading. curiosity killed the cat... and I would advise anyone who has the chance, to probably give it a miss. Deeply disturbing...and the kind of thing that no man should ever see. Unfortunately with the internet as it is...this sick piece of video will probably be viewed by millions within weeks. A sad demeaning day for humanity indeed. A sad day indeed. Thoughts to the victim's
  14. Hmmmmmm. First impression: Dull and uninspired. That may change (I hope it does) but on that evidence...GR franchise is simply being repackaged and remarketed for the hungry but dim console market. Looks like the phrase Tac-Sim might be thrown in the dustbin as far as RSE are concerned if this looks like what I think it does. Sorry...but after a viewing of the 600Mb HL2 presentation of the new Valve developed engine, and with the likes of Novalogic's Joint Ops really starting to come to the boil in terms of tactical warfare gaming, GR2 might be a gross abuse of what UBI already
  15. uhhhummm. Mainly those with a "Mrs." in their name. Scandalous lack of inherent driving ability. *thwack* just kiddin....
  16. Syncopator

    Poll: Bands

    Not really a 'band' in the conventional sense....but my own 1-man affair under the guise of '~ism' has 5 or 6 tracks to the name...none of em very good! All can be found at my site... Evident Side FX Unfortunately it's IE only...won't work with Firefox (which is crap since I now use Firefox!!)
  17. Hmm... ...looks shabby after watching that 20min HL2 extravaganza last nite! This looks like a Call of Duty cloner...1yr too late.
  18. Yup...check PM Havok. Joyrex has pulled the site for a day or two as being moved to new server, finally.
  19. do so...and thnx for the heads up. Will check em out...pay day next week...
  20. lol! cracking stuff. so what about a thread entitled "The Rise and Fall of National Socialism in Germany 1929-1945 - Discuss" Wouldnt get very far eh?
  21. #1,2,3 & 4. You got the knowledge Havok....you got the knowledge... Should drop by my other forum obsessive haunt (We Are The Music Makers) - u know the url... be good to see u there - great bunch o peeps....talk AFX, Boards, Autechre, Squarepusher and just about anything else music related and otherwise...all day long. Can even post some games chat there....a few keen players (think there are even a few GR afficionados including masel...) Anyway...enuf piffle paffle...I'm away for a 30min JO fix before ma kip. Laters
  22. nice job. pity NTL cant be as generous....
  23. HOLY FREAKIN MOLY !!!! MY GOD. That engine looks utterly astounding. The kind of technological step forward that incites me to go out and sell my backside down the Clyde...just to get cash for a topline GPU. My goodness. FOR ANYONE WITH BROADBAND - DOWNLOAD THIS. Good heads up Rocky. Woah...what a cracker this looks to be. I'm off down the Clyde.... ...I may be some time.
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