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  1. What is this thread about? not too sure...but War is something that cannot be debated I dont think, without people crossing the line. Thats what war is, is it not? The rules go out the window - and it cant be argued who is right and who is wrong...? I think it best in these situations to simply observe that there can be no 'right' justification for war, unless it is in defense of ones own territories or people. As for a cahoot about endless discussions....well, this one is shaping up nicely! (despite not knowing what its actually about... ) This site certainly seems to be a hotbed for war-chat! What about mods for the game? anyone got stuff out already - Gulf War II maps/skins??
  2. It seems that politics and nationalism are two issues which are intrinsically linked to Real World Military, as this forum is entitled... However, my interest is with the platforms and means of the military, rather than the motives and justifications by which they are deployed. I would like to ask anyone here what there thoughts are on any particular weapon systems that have proved an eye-opener in this campaign. Also, any views on systems that have been given an airing 2nd time around? Obvious candidates are of course the trusty Fairchild A10 - designed with the jungles of Nam in mind, and already being considered for mothball by the time Gulf War I came around...yet it still proves to be invaluable as heavy close air support, particularly anti-tank ops. Equally the B52 - surely now the longest serving bomber aircraft in aviation history? It has proved its worth yet again... On the ground...the limitations of the Clansman radio equipped Challenger IIs (but highly effective nu-gen Chobham armour) against the stalwart M1Abrahms 2 tank...which would you rather have... What were those shoulder mounted ground to ground missiles that I saw being fired...at buildings??! they looked like TOW launchers...except bigger? Anyone? On the close arms front....the SA-80 finally got some action by the Brits...and not much jamming...is it worth sticking with... Give me the M4 variants please! Opinions?
  3. 1. Apoc Now. 2. Platoon. 3. Hamburger Hill 4. A Bridge Too Far (c'mon...a great!) 5. Das Boot (ok..not a jot of land in sight, but a must for the 'War genre' fans. for my 2 cents.
  4. Uhu. I think most have been surprised at events of last week, in seeing the iraqi PEOPLE finally playing a part. They seem to at least be happy that Saddam is away - that would be fair to say. Though the initial mandate for war was WMD. Just because people are waving at the cameras doesnt change the fact that if no WDM are found...then it would seem that Bush/Blair have been essentially leading the world down the garden path on false pretences. End justification or not. Maybe not? It has certainly been good to see that the reaction of the people appears to be anti-saddam, which was crucial. However, they widespread lotting and ethnic divisions seem to suggest that although they all wanted rid of Saddam, they don't appear to want the U.S. military around for much longer than necessary. The question isn't about whether the Iraqi people wanted freedom from their ruler. It is more of a question of 'what gives any other country the right to impose their force on another soveriegn nation without multilateral or UN/Nato backing?' If it isnt justified by national security - ie. WMD - then how can it be justified. The end does not always justify the means some might say Just an opinion, and Im not sure what the answer is. Either way, I just hope that the Iraqi people are given the right to shape their own destiny, and not put in a position whereby the West simply dictate the shape of years to come, with a view to their own means and benefits. That would be a sad time.
  5. must admit...any variants on the Refinery DS map usually go down well with me. Always been a favourite.
  6. What's the story with Weapons Grade Plutonium? Have they found some..? I caught some news last week, but not followed! Sounds messy.
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