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  1. ok. what the flamin heck u getting at? what has the illegality or otherwise of cannibis got to do with making sweeping statements about most Iraqi people being evil and woman-stoners.. (other than both involving getting stoned... ) But seriously - I can tell we share absolutely no common though whatsoever. I'm glad I don't think linke that - I really am. But hey...let's not bother with this arguement. It's a no-brainer - you see the world through your eyes and I see it thru mine....the only thing I'll say is that it is ppl with views like yours (such as a certain GWB) that frankly create the kind of situation that we have in iraq. By the way - I've been known to smoke a doobie now and again...and of course - I am a complete stoner waster of a human life and frequently cause disruption within my community. I also have no education and contribute nothing to the intellectual property of my nation. I am a loser. ...Just like all people who smoke, or for that matter drink alcohol. Oh - but gettin plastered and driving your 4x4 SUV home after 10 pints, mowing down a family in the process isnt that bad is it? Oh no....but smoking pot....surely - that's the plant of satan eh? Burn em on the stake I say.. c'mon - keep this on topic please...and we'll all have a big hug and spliff around the campfire. for cryin out loud.
  2. Agreed in some respects Para. But I think that's not painting a very accurate picture. I think you know that yourself... The main factors in the period between The Great War and the start of the Cold War were very much based on economic and ethnic imbalances and struggles. Specifically around the Great Depression through the mid to late 20s - particularly in post-Versailles Germany - and in the belief (or irrational blame) that much of the economic strife could be attributed to the indigineous Jewish communities in those given countries. And of course Imperialism was still an active driving force in foreign policy. Yes - most of those 'issues' (if you consider the religious tension between the Islamic world and the Capitalist West to be the same kind of issue as ethnic and anti-semitic tension in the 20's and 30's) are STILL present today (or have resurfaced in the post Cold War era) - but let's be honest... ...those issues have been the root of a great deal of war and strife and general international tension since the dawn of time. ie - it's always a strong factor...then, now, and probably forever. Obviously this is from a European perspective rather than Pacific-American view - but the principles are the same. Anyway - this is going OT. Sorry.
  3. I have such a problem with that. Though I haven't the time to explain why. Perhaps because I suspect someone else here might do it for me. In short - that's a very racist view. Try telling that to any one of the tens of thousands of victims of gang-related crime in the West - not to mention the US alone. Don't start making self-righteous statements about the ills of the Middle East when we all inhabit nations with some very serious moral crimes being committed every day - political, physical, religious, social, economic or environmental. The idea that one side takes the moral high ground is the very basis of conflict and animosity...surely the very subject of this thread should illustrate that this 'policy' gets us nowhere. "good majority" - what a stupid insult to suggest.
  4. Ive d/l it - will give it a try. name is: weeboz , if u decide to try it - add me.
  5. So..like, has anyone tried this? I hear it rocks - and is only at Beta stage... Xfire Basically an instant message system designed for gamers... Please give me info/thoughts all you boffins out there......
  6. Disgusting. Not familiar with this individual, but it is people like him that cause the real damage by inciting obtuse hatred and ill-informed political stances among the masses - many of whom probably don't have enough information (or dare I say, intellect) to form their own rational opinions. Absolute cretin.
  7. Syncopator

    C&C: Generals

    even a 64Mb 440MX should be enough to run it on basic settings - though you'd be advised to get another 256Mb Ram stick - just to help things along.
  8. All worked cool - after a minor mishap....
  9. Actually, the GR community posting on these online forums is NOT the mainstream, but more towards hardcore (i.e. playing regularly, tournaments, modding). Although Ubi/RSE values their opinions and money, more of the money is likely made from the regular Joe at Best Buy browsing through the latest games, and heard a good review about GR2 either from a friend or videogame mag. yup - very true. Enthusiasts within society are almost always a tiny minority within any given subject. Another made up rule of marketing....
  10. Syncopator

    C&C: Generals

    Wont run with your 32mb Graphx card - I have tried it on a TNT2 - just stuttered even on lowest settings. You can get a carc that will run it for not much more than the money you are paying for the game - and you are wasting a decent CPU with such a lousy GPU. Upgrade!
  11. Anything to show off yer beamer... typical East Coast baron....
  12. Go for the solo500. I made the recommendation to go to Pipex based on the fact I was with them for 6mths last year - and had nothing but top nothc service and higher bandwidth than was stated. Never had a problem. Plus the purple alcatel modem is funky on the desk... if you like funky modems of course...
  13. Strange thing is...the sys req look pretty basic:
  14. enjoy the beer Supa - I do that all the time! Cheers again. EDIT>>>> meant to answer : my GPU is pretty guff - a geForce 5200 FX/128Mb But have been tempted with a Radeon 9800 of some variant....I just need to find some more music products to swap...(the benefit of being marketing manager for a music gear retailer, and having a mate who is a musician but works in a computer shop...it is a working 2-way relationship that benefits us both!)
  15. huh?? The new one is nForce2...Supa!! (it's the flagship nForce2 at that!) So I'm going from nForce to nForce2 - and bothe built by ASUS - so should be cool - will give it a bash anyway...hopefully it be cools as u say Zebb. Cheers to both of ya :punk:
  16. ach krapp. Hmmm...I was hoping to avoid as went thru the pains of a total reinstall about 2 weeks ago. Can't I just do a "repair" to the OS instead? It takes me 3 days to fully install and conigure my system the way I like it....I'd rather not!
  17. ! I just acquired that mobo - it is an A7N8X-E Deluxe - with all the wifi trimmings. Since I have that XP3000 sitting behaving like a 2100+ on my old mobo - it's like I have a new rig!! One more n00b-esque question as I seem to remember having to do this the last time I changed mobos: Will I need to reinstall Windows when I move everything over to this new mobo - or is it just a 'switch off, dismantle and rebuild with new mobo' case... ??? EDIT>>> did I mention the 1Gb of extra ram I got in 2 x 512Mb 333 sticks...? Giving me 1.5Gb - Woooooooot. I'm speedin'.
  18. @CR6 That seems like a good point. Though personally I thought GR on the Xbox was awful. That's perhaps what underpins my worries - I really genuinely found it crud. Perhaps I just don't like consoles and thats that. Dunno...
  19. Let's be cool here. I didnt want this thread turning political. It is skirting with it at the moment. All have valid points - but the real point wasn't to discuss why that man died and who is to blame. Everyone has there shout on that, and I dont think that give 20 pages of thread we would all come to agreement here. The point was just to discuss the realisations and emotions brought about by the fact that the actorcity was recording on film and publicised online. Keep it simple.
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