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  1. But that's just the point Pyro, IMHO. Why is it ridiculous? GR1 was the deal. They got it right. We still play it today. What do we want? Well the same - except that it looks brand new again...visually as stimulating as games in 2004 should be. What else? Well...up-to-date sound engine and soundset.....and......ehhhh... ...well that's about it. C'mon - THEY GOT GR RIGHT. If it aint broke, dont fix it. The only injury that GR has developed in the last few years is simply that it looks worn out and outdated. I only want GR given back to us after it has been written with a 2Ghz/512/Radeon9800pro benchmark level, rather than the 800Mhz/256/GeForce 2 benchmark level. It's 2004 - time it looked it...but the mechanics and the game itself? IT DOESNT NEED MESSING UP. Just a thought I have.
  2. Nightmare - please, just for me mate - go away and do some reading. Some research you might call it. On the origins of Techno - the genre. No, not that youth pop hardcore tripe that you generally seem to refer to as "techno" (with a small 't'). Go - and come back and tell me what you have found - where did it originate - who were the main figures in it's development, name me 5 classic first-founding techno tracks - that are still regarded as such, tell me what the musical rules and foundations of techno are (no its not something with a 'stomping beat' as u oft say - neednt even have a beat, incidentally). Then come back and post your findings. Then at least I will be satisfied that you have learned something. A day of education my good friend, no?
  3. as opposed to the imaginary type?
  4. I'm listening to Autechre - Drane, from the Peel Session. Anyone here who also knows the absolute sonic pleasures of this very experience might save me the hassle of even giving you my thoughts on your use of the word 'Techno'. Each to their own as they say, I suppose.
  5. My question exactly. Hmmmm. I'm sure I could find the time somewhere... *off down Argyle St to see what we can see....*
  6. Yes it will have OTS - but it's not 3rd person (we have invented a new name for 3rd person - so that those ill-mannered PC users play it) - it will indeed be out on XBox and Sony corporate station first, with C64 and Vic20 ports to follow. Once the dev team have had time to write the extra code required to maximise it's potential on those platforms. There are unconfirmed reports of a possible release on PC, though only for the Windows 3.1 market...squeezing everything out of that 640k extended memory...those luck people. By the time that version comes out however, the game will be over as we will have announced the answer to the guess. RRP £129.99 or available on Kazaa for hee-haw of course. (but you won't get your FREE sew on "Guessthefilesize" badge, and strategy guide (containing the answer to the question)...so pay up!)
  7. So...forget GR2. I have a better game. ..like guessing how many Gb of forum thread data do you think we can generate by having a pointless circular debate about a game that isnt even going to see the light of day for another 6 months? I think that is a great game in the making. My guess is 1 gazillion gig of raw data. All of it repetitive and utterly pointless.
  8. Wouldn't get you underwear soiled over that thought, young padawan. Those "1000w" cabs that you speak of will a)Not be any such rating as they will require a few 500W power amps to drive them, and b) will be as much use to your computing needs as a chocolate teapot. Go with Creative card you want - will be just ideal. Remember when it comes to sound it's got beggar all to do with how many channels u run be it 2.1, 5.1 ,7.1 or whatever - its more important to have a decent card with good DSP and a good set of speakers....I use a pair of Celestion 6" drivers in perfect stereo....and it sounds a billions times clearer and uncoloured as any of the 5.1 systems that mates all use. No word of a lie. Put 8 cheap ass computer shop speakers around your room and all you'll hear is 8 times as much noise.
  9. Funny vid for sure - been on UK TV for past few months now. The track is utterly filth. Commercialist tripe as BlueRose suggests.
  10. Nice pic Avey. Few little things give me the feeling it's a PS job though. Maybe not...but it certainly isn't a 'true' pic is it?
  11. Sorry - I just reread your post Mac and totally misread it previously. Apologies for the useless dribble above. *what CR6 said*
  12. You should amend your profile and change your member type to: "That Bloke"
  13. hmmm...cool. You could down a few pints of Guiness and pee yourself a RAM upgrade. What a concept.
  14. I'm about to finally get one - buying my brother's new Sony Cybershot (never used as he got 2 digicams for his birthday!). Not sure which model - hoping he can post here and tell me??
  15. Why Chems? You run a drug factory or something?
  16. No expert on the Intel side of things but my 0.02c... Looks fine - though not much objective info on it. looks like you should be getting pc3200 DDR Ram or pc2700 at very worst. Basically just make sure u get 2 equal sized sticks and that they are reuptable brand like Crucial, etc. As I say go for pc3200 if u can afford - so you can clock up to 400Mhz and more if you want to tweak. This is where your speed and quality of RAM is important. I'm sure someone else can give more info on this board.
  17. looks like Blue Thunder if u ask me.... DANG - u beat me Aggressor! AH well..guess we might be right then...?
  18. as long as he didn't do a Clinton - and "yeah...but I didn't inhale" If only the idiot knew he was breaking the law just by passing the doobie on. Silly ol' Bill... *how the world misses him, mind*
  19. Cool JB. I mean Blade...Johnny....*cough* I know the script with having different names - but that's another long story.. I prefer simply "Boz". As for Syncopator...well that's what happens when you join the Witness Protection Program!!
  20. Ok - we have a deal! I'm on the tambourine though.
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