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  1. 90 Degrees in a Right Angle!!
  2. AFAIK Keith is still involved. Bearing in mind the Prod only ever was Howlett, really. Anyone can scream and dance like an idiot.
  3. Hmmm this is tough....I'l get it starte dwith the easy ones: 24 H in a D = 24 Hours in a Day 26 L of the A = 7 D of the W = 7 Days of the Week 12 S of the Z = 12 Signs of the Zodiak 66 B of the B 52 C in a P (WJ's) = 52 Cards in a Pack (Without Jokers) 13 S in the USF 18 H on a GC = 18 Holes on a Golf Course 39 B of the OT 5 T on a F = Toes on a Foot 90 D in a RA 3 BM (SHTR) 32 is the T in DF at which WF = 32 is the Temperature in Degrees Farenheit at which Water Freezes. 15 P in a RT 3 W on a T = 3 Wheels on a Tricycle 100 C in a D = 100 Cents in a Dolllar 11 P in a F(S)T = 11 Players in a Football Team (whats the 'S'?? - Soccer??) 12 M in a Y = 12 Months in a Year 13 is UFS = 13 is Unlucky For Some 8 T on an O 29 D in F in a LY 29 Days in February in a Leap Year 27 B in the NT 365 D of the Y 365 Days of the Year 13 L in a BD 13 Loaves in a Baker's Dozen 52 W in a Y 52 Weeks in a Year 9 L of a C 9 Lives of a Cat 60 M in a H 60 Minutes in an Hour 23 P of C in the HB 64 S on a CB 9 P in SA 9 Provinces in South Africa (??) 6 B to an O in C 1000 Y in a M 1000 Years in a Millenium 15 M on a DMC 7 W of the W
  4. Ahhh christ. Don't u hate it when first poster gets right? You got it blistr...
  5. It is a story about a girl. while at the funeral of her own mother, she met this guy whom she did not know. she thought this guy was amazing, so much her dream guy she believed him to be, that she fell in love with him there but never asked for his number and couldn't find out who he was. A few days later the girl killed her own sister. question: what is her motive in killing her sister?
  6. No, you are not. However I am not well versed. I do have Aphex Twin's remarkable reworking of Philip Glass's interpretation of Bowie's Heroes...reintroducing the vocal in parts to the amazing Glass peice. (off AFX's "26 Mixes For Cash")
  7. Nice one Velocity - my mate has one just the same - 17". He's a graphics designer too. You should upgrade OSX to 10.3 (Panther) - I notice yours is coming with Jaguar installed?
  8. Big gig: Bowie (again) Intimate gig: Boards of Canada (one day... )
  9. Yeah...makes u sick doesn't it??
  10. Oh. Thanks for the tip CR6. The manual for thr Asus A7N8X-E does seem to suggest that DIMMS in all 3 would be ok - though not clearly - it's a kind of vague table. So - it would appear that my system is running slower due to the 3 DIMMS requiring FSB bandwidth - rather than 2 running at full pelt? I'll take out the spare 256 - not that any application would be using it anyway! Cheers for the tip, again.
  11. My only experience has been with only 2 PCs in a house using the one connection - through ICS. There is a (shock horror) fairly extensive and useful section in the XP help on this very subject and who to set it up with the main PC and the secondary PC... Make sure you have all of that running first - IIRC you do need to install a few extra TCP/IP components on the main PC in order to get ICS running properly....though I might have been using ME or 98SE when I did this...so maybe not a problem these days?
  12. If your BIOS is not too old - it will show u at least your idle temps. Most mobos now allow for constant monitoring - usually thru software...common examples being AsusProbe and the likes of cpuid....allowing you to check them under various system loads. EDIT>>> took ages to type this out. Sorry! - Anyway, what BlackMamba says...
  13. Well...in reality, yes that would be spot on.
  14. Random comment of the week goes to.....
  15. This thread is the forum equivalent of the self-help classes in Fight Club, featuring MeatLoaf. It's ok to cry Mag. Hug someone.
  16. So like, What did I learn today? Well...not a lot. Except that life is an utter pile of cow poo. Doesnt matter what positive claptrap you might hear - it's bumf...cos life is indeed a slap in the face. Oh..... and I just reached agreement with my good lady half that we are to part company after 2 great years and have to find myself somewhere to live. What a right lot of dung. SO, gimme sympathy. Lots of it. And none of the half-hearted garbage - I want real heart-felt grief pour out here....and you better make it believable. I'll wait right here.... *tum te tum de dum*
  17. Aye - that should work. Same setup as me - with 3 DIMMS - 2 matched in the blues and an odd 256Mb in the 2nd (middle) slot. It shows up in BIOS and during POST as 1.25Gb DDR working in 'Dual-Channel Mode'... so no probs.
  18. JO. Shall reign supreme. *sneakes off back into the shadows lest his throat be cut by UBI inquisition*
  19. Hmmm..my core (XP3000+) reaches 55-56C under load. Thats with my case fan disconnected to reduce noise. Mobo runs at about 32C Whats the limit on the 3000 - I gather it has a larger core surface area than previos Athlons - does this give it more headroom?
  20. Nurse? "Yes Doctor Nexus?" Deal with this patient please... "Oh..of course...one moment" *syringe puncturing bottle of cyanide* *Pfffffttttttttt....JAB* Nightmare falls asleep.
  21. See Nightmare? A bit of research and now Mag knows all there is to know about Techno. He got one of the tunes wrong tho...an amateurish error - but I'll elet him off for effort.
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