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    "Blitzkrieg" by CDV software.
  2. Hmmmm. As a marketing manager I...well.....uhm.......*scratches head*....well, you see....I kinda... go for long lunches then at about 5pm, pick a random number from my head and proclaim that it means the answer to our sales problems. Then I go home. being online all day while doing 'this'...means that I find it CRUCIAL that I get distracted. without the web a work...I wouldnt get out of bed.
  3. @Zantar ######?? That little movie was great - the super-tacky 909 and synbass techno beat part was rockin - what a hoot I had. Superb stuff. That should be one of those movies that does the rounds as a viral email campaign - it could sell sand to the arabs. fantastic.
  4. "jacked" What? Is that hood lingo for whenever Jack57 posts on one of your threads??
  5. Cheers for the feedback - I'll certainly give BGII a good stabbing. I see it has multiplayer features as well, which will be worth exploring. As for C&C - yer on Ruin!! We could kick off some C&C action at the team site and see if we can get a mini-league going. Would be a lot of fun I reckon.
  6. Got some Virgin vouchers for birthday...spent them yesterday: Baldurs Gate II C&C Generals Only 2 decent games in the "2 for £30" pile. Any players of either? PS - I'm liking Baldurs...
  7. The only reason the Allies stole back any ground from the Third Reich is down to Hitler's lunacy in his pre-emptive invasion of the Soviet Union. The Wehrmacht literally bled to death on the steppes of Western Russia, Ukraine and Belurussia...and were finally reduced to a shadow at the gates of their own capital. If it wasn't for this momentous drain on fuel, manpower, armour and ammunition - not to mention Nationalist spirit - Africa and the Western Front would have probably been doomed expiditions for the Allies. Thank God evil men are often frought with the weakness of self-indulged invi
  8. Ye'll no find any REAL castles down there in London, laddie. YE need to come up to Scotland for some REAL castles. Poncy legoland palaces is all ye'l lfind in London.
  9. That is indeed correct +/- 1 day for inaccuracy in my calculation. Very sinister. But let's not get bogged down in coincidental info at this point, I suppose.
  10. A terrible atrocity that makes me sad. Terrorism is now trying to normalise murder on this massive scale. The show of force in the street mourning should send a clear message that society will not stand by and accept this. My thoughts go out to a country I only just visited 2 weeks ago. Peace.
  11. Excellent. I feel like I'm 4 again.
  12. Yup - popped on for a few on Offensive tonite. Cracking. Only a short stay of half a dozen games or so with Wolf and Eli - not bad at all..some tit for tat. Will be sure to check regularly about same time for games... Post up here if u guys are playing big games.. Cheers!
  13. Anybody fancy a Sesame Street AVATAR Week? I want to see everyone with a suitable ava quicksmart!
  14. Also check the site for latest info: HERE I will be buying this - after the disappointment of Harpoon 4.
  15. WK, I had same prob. But it turned out to be my stoopidity - as u have ot make sure that all your filters are OFF and your game type is set to ALL. Otherwise it doesnt show any that dont comply to your settings - even in Favourites. A bug they need to iron out. Hope that is what the prob was...need to get a game with u - been playing the odd bit here and there.
  16. Only news I have on Dangerous Waters is HERE which is few months old. This was from end of dec 03.
  17. Diet Irn Bru is the drink of Satan. *urrrrgggg* That is what is differs man from woman.
  18. Welcome back from the ether Ronin. I've missed the best sig in town - it must be said. Stay a while! Sync (aka WeeBoz)
  19. Happy B-Day SilentNight, have a good one sir!
  20. My goodness! This brings back memories... Ahhh what a summer day/evening. Great Boat Party. Goo dretrieval Pyro! Also - for anyone that cares... Ive just redesigned my site: www.evidentside.com new tunes on the way!
  21. Mag - ur a diamond. Great stuff. hehehe! MORE!
  22. I'm in the middle of reading Alamein - War Without Hate...so this would be fun anyway. Looks a bit suspect, but I'm sure it will be worth a prod, if you're into the subject. Cheers for heads-up..
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