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  1. Sweet sig. Just saw the movie. Great fun...top notch. Great idea.
  2. Slipknot, Korn, and all these dressed up 1980's rockers are rubbish. Discuss. Oh - here's a new sig btw.
  3. level 17... need to go to bed now...but will return to this crazy game another day.
  4. Have a look in the Sig Contest forum up in the ghostrecon.net forum above (I think). You'll find most of the talent there. Hopefully someone can help create a fitting memorial.
  5. I'll say it again. because I honestly believe they produce some of the best ambient/electronic music of our age: Boards of Canada Gotta support our local Scottish musicians...and that pair are the top of their genre. *gushing super-fan pontificating*
  6. Rug-boaters. never understood u lot!!
  7. Try cleaning the s*** out of the toilets after a practice session....trust me, you'll not want to know any more about Team GRNET. Especially with Sart's mid-mission eating habits. Gets very messy.
  8. Ledanek... I've playing CoD a lot recently...just easy to hop on and off with 30 min spare time here and there... I would recommend keeping it simple: download the 1.3 patch of course - as starters. Then grab some of the mappacks that wolf has kindly pointed u at. There is a Realism Pack on the codfiles site - grab that. That should be all u need. And yes - we need to get an organised match/ladder going - just waiting for us to have sufficient numbers. I have an idea for setting up a league within the grnet/agrs community - and getting the sheet together on this one. Stay
  9. adestisbnariiisalsnentithmam? antidisestablishmentarianism? Doesnt work. Balls.
  10. Still miss Elite II. And Civ. Ahhh Sid Meir...
  11. It is OUT. Load your game and click Auto Update - you know the script....
  12. Well hello also. You have found the first and last place that you will visit on the web, each and every day...for the rest of your life. Probably.
  13. Hi Zipper.. I think what Bob is suggesting is that UBI servers are a waste of time, and dont allow for the full breadth of GR gaming - the way it's meant to be played - due to high levels of cheating, spammers and general 'run+gun' tactics. If you are after some top notch tactical play - especially co-op missions, etc - then hang around here - check the GAMES ROOM thread on these forums, or use All Seeing Eye (ASE) to find some good servers running the type of games that you are after. Glad to see another come back to the game, and hope you find some good games here. Take it easy.
  14. What...you mean he wasnt planning on using the soup as spare blood for his next op patient? Can't say that's not ground-breaking journalism...c'mon? That explains it....bloody Students!!!
  15. Good to see ongoing patching. I see anti-cheat measures are on the cards also. Some life in this game on the MP front that's for sure.
  16. Good call WK. WIll check it out.
  17. Please make this happen UBI. Make it financially viable any way your accountants can. MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!! You hear me, Mr. OOoo Beee?
  18. My god. I'm surrounded my geeeetar mettallers and rockers. Nobody here appreciate the fusion between man and machine in the colourful world of electronic production...nobody?? Incredible. It must go with the guns or somethin'....
  19. Boards of Canada Squarepusher Aphex Twin Black Dog Chillis David Bowie and of course... Myself! (have to, eh?)
  20. Hmmm.. a nice LP Classic then? Honeyburst if im not mistaken? Lucky dude... Go strum.
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