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  1. what did u use nightmare....what synth/patch did you use to get the 303 rip-off effect line...and what did you use for drums - programmed or loops? how did you sequence them? did you write the bassline or is it just lifted audio from elsewhere...?

    just wondering.

  2. Ghost Recon.net

    Discuss, suggest or complain about anything on this website.

    Forum Led by: Consultant

    Ok, I'm really p'd off at some stuff about here.

    It seems that humour is not tolerated.

    On that note - I'm wrapping up my posting here with this thread.

    Throwing the rattle out of the pram if you like, but it's a statement of my real disgust at the way in which certain posts that I have made have been 'moderated' (surely an abuse of the word, should there ever be one).

    I know the rules are there for the protection of those that might be offended by someone criticising them (better not let them out in real life, eh - might get the shock of their lives) - and I cannot challenge those rules or said moderator.

    I therefore have two choice - bite my lip (again) or beat it.

    So I'm beating it.

    *hoorah* I hear ye all say.


    ...I love you all.

    (not you though!)

    *Synco bows out and becomes his evil alter-ego Wee Boz once more*


  3. I'm looking at the rainbow.

    Ohh....the nice colours....

    *we need an adult section where people can actually air their honest off-the-chest thoughts without worrying that it will upset some 13 year old who has found his way onto the high chair next to his dad's computer desk*

    sorry - but it frustrates me - though I am not arguing about it - reasons for post deletion accepted.

  4. How much are you paying for your 9800XT? I find that an X800 Pro is only on average $30 more, yet the X800 is by far more advanced.

    Hopefully zip.

    I havent paid for computer component for some time.

    A friendly computer shop owner (and wannabe musician) who quite often 'wins' competitions in the music magazine that I edit....call it swap shop.... :shifty:

  5. If you upgrading everything else why not just get a R9800 also?

    WHy is the 440MX much better than the 5200 FX when it comes to me and JO??

    What's the mystery??

    Either way - I have a 9800XT on the way soon, so not too fussed - but would like to know.

    My head hurts.


    Dannik - cheers - I suspected that was the deal. Will keep the MX in until my 9800 materialises.


  6. So,

    like I'm confused about a small issue with my system - and hope someone can shed some light on this.

    Basically I have been spending most of my gaming time of late playing the Joint Operaions demo - and have begun to upgrade my system in preperation for the full release in a couple of weeks. I had noticed that for some reason, my display peformance was pretty sketchy - frame rates were very low and the game got very VERY jerky at busy moments making it both frustrating and difficualt to play competitively.

    I never thought too much about it, blaming the fact that my GPU is pretty basic (5200 FX) and tried to soldier on with medium graphics settings and shadows off, etc.

    It wasn't until my bro (Potshot) visited and remarked on how lousy the performance was - so much so that he simply refused ot play it - claiming it was 'impossible' when it was that jerky. That got me confused. You see, his system at the time, was virtually identical to mine. Same mobo, same CPU, and only the graphics card was different - he had a 440MX/64Mb.

    The following week I was out home - and saw his JO in action. Silky smooth!?!

    His settings were exactly the same (except Water had been set to Low by force - no other option avail) yet the performance was hugely improved over my rig. What makes it doubly confusing is that by this time I had upgraded my mobo to an Asus a7N8x-E deluxe, upgraded to 1Gb 333 RAM ,and new CPU (AMD 3000+) - yet my machine still struggled with JO.

    In other tests - including GR itself - it was great....better than my bros and getting good fps at high levels of detail.

    Then I realised that JO was probably the only game I ws playing that was written with DX9.0 in mind....and began to wonder. I had heard that the 5200 FX was a bit of a doorstop when it came to DX9 and wasn't all it was cracked up to be - even for a low-end budget job.

    So I nicked an old 440 MX off a mate who wasnt using his machine...and bunged it in my rig tonight....and guess what?

    JO runs like a belter - super smooth in comparison to what Ive been struggling with for the past 2 months!!! :wall::wall::wall:

    What's goin on here? I did notice that the MX does NOT support pixel shading (in the diagnostic screen of JO as it loads for first time after a display change) whereas the FX does...is it just a case of the 5200 being unable to do some of the stuff that it TRIES to do and just falling over...while the MX keeps things simple and does it fine?

    WHy is the 440MX much better than the 5200 FX when it comes to me and JO??

    What's the mystery??

    Either way - I have a 9800XT on the way soon, so not too fussed - but would like to know.

    My head hurts.


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