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  1. a fellow Weegie by chance? (and a bear of course!)
  2. my tag is WeeBoz for any UK gamers. Usually on in evenings GMT between 7 and 12 somewhere. Maybe see some of you homes on there.
  3. hmmm. glad i didn't miss anything. hopefully this should give me more time to get my act together and build a new gaming rig. gr3, eh? go away for a minute and miss a year's worth of news.
  4. Vertical Hold latest track, written by myself and mate.
  5. what i'm listening to good to see your still talkin mince nightmare. really must remind your doctor to up the dose of ritalin. being put on a permanent drip of the stuff would probably just about do it.
  6. smashin. dj ritalin for sure..
  7. what did u use nightmare....what synth/patch did you use to get the 303 rip-off effect line...and what did you use for drums - programmed or loops? how did you sequence them? did you write the bassline or is it just lifted audio from elsewhere...? just wondering.
  8. your link doesn't work for me. would have been nice to hear it. check out some more experimental stuff from my recent ep at Opaque Channel release last year. ~ism
  9. you too eh? seems like a very long time indeed.
  10. uhuuuuhhhmm. hmmm. yesh indeed. i remember this ol' place. *sneaks off back out the secret door*
  11. autechre - zeiss contarex ~ism - below ground aphex twin - ######/ver10 [OC002] : ~ism - Surface Life EP. OUT NOW.
  12. Ok, I'm really p'd off at some stuff about here. It seems that humour is not tolerated. On that note - I'm wrapping up my posting here with this thread. Throwing the rattle out of the pram if you like, but it's a statement of my real disgust at the way in which certain posts that I have made have been 'moderated' (surely an abuse of the word, should there ever be one). I know the rules are there for the protection of those that might be offended by someone criticising them (better not let them out in real life, eh - might get the shock of their lives) - and I cannot challenge those rules or said moderator. I therefore have two choice - bite my lip (again) or beat it. So I'm beating it. *hoorah* I hear ye all say. Well... ...I love you all. (not you though!) *Synco bows out and becomes his evil alter-ego Wee Boz once more* :'(
  13. Are they Genius of our times.... ...or just plain mad as hatters? I'm still deciding.
  14. I'm looking at the rainbow. Ohh....the nice colours.... *we need an adult section where people can actually air their honest off-the-chest thoughts without worrying that it will upset some 13 year old who has found his way onto the high chair next to his dad's computer desk* sorry - but it frustrates me - though I am not arguing about it - reasons for post deletion accepted.
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