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  1. I made this file mp_plt1_snip.atr in /actor/MP Actor Files/Platoon1 its the only i made as a test. <ActorFile> <VersionNumber>1.000000</VersionNumber> <ArmorLevel>2</ArmourLevel> <ActorName>Sniper</ActorName> <ClassName>sniper</ClassName> <ModelFace>ICE_rus_01_str.rsb</ModelFace> <BlinkFaceName>ICE_rus_01_str_blink.rsb</BlinkFaceName> <KitPath>Multiplayer</KitPath> <ModelName>spetsnaz_sniper.chr</ModelName> <LOD2>spetsnaz_sniper_a.chr</LOD2> <LOD3>spetsnaz_sniper_b.chr</LOD3> <Weapon>7</Weapon> <Stamina>7</Stamina> <Stealth>4</Stealth> <Leadership>7</Leadership> </ActorFile> well after this i made another carpet on /kits/Multiplayer/ Where copy some files .kit from UDM_sniper/ in the folder multiplayer/ and made another .kil file like test UDM_test.kil in /kits/ <KitRestriction Name="UDM test"> <Actor Name="mp_plt1_snip.atr"> <Kit Name="sniper-33.kit"/> </Actor> </KitRestriction> when I start the game crash an well i don't know what more to do I seee the carpets in origimiss an mp1 and mp2 well they are diferents and i dont know what chose.
  2. hiii again what it´s this file called atr_chr_data.doc on \Mods\Udmurtia Spetsnaz\Actor ?????
  3. mmmm guns with no sound i cant founded but when i use another mod at the same time (i put UDM on max priority ) Some sounds are converted into other like sings of birds. I have been watching the folder /mods/origmiss I think that this folder is the model to do this mod work on MP.
  4. what It means "!found key". I see sometimes when I mix some mod's.
  5. hello I have been working on making this kit of weapons work in MP(See these great models on MP). well i have been working on the files .kill made some changes. in the game appears the mod but when i go to MP and create de game on the screen for select your soldier appears empty and when i play the game crash. I have a doubt here <ActornName=example.atr> what exactly go here. I have to create another file .atr for my MP charter when i look for an .atr files i found what this files are in carpet /charter and it was the file who control de charter (textures and body). I dont understand wha kind of changes i have to do here for those reasons I need to know how to edit .kil and the other thing to do this kit of weapons work on MP.
  6. i download from the link appears here in this forum
  7. hi As I previously say some Weapons dont show up theyr skins (vm2000, ksvk and pp93). they see like that now the misions are good an they work fine. well Now I have been editing the files. Kil but i need more info Because i cant understand some thing´s about .kil first i just create one file called Udmurtia_Test.kil like see in others mods <KitRestriction Name = "Udmurtia Spetnaz Test"> <Actor Name = "sniper-33.atr"> {here is the character file } <Kit Name = "sniper-33.kit"/> <Kit Name = "sniper-01.kit"/> {here is the kit file} </Actor> <Actor Name = "sniper-36.atr"/> <Kit Name = "sniper-01.kit"/> <Kit Name = "sniper-33.kit"/> </Actor> <KitRestriction> when i use this kind of code the character does not appear and when I start the game crash. Maybe i mess something or is more than create one file .kill in /kit carpet ????
  8. sorry My mistake due to be more specific. the misions work's perfect. the problem is we can't use your kit of weapons in LAN.... me bad to bad. More tests are tonight with some friends in LAN
  9. Today download the mod and install on my laptop....this mod is realy good!!!! I have show the mod to some friends and they say ....we loved!!!!! (including my self) but the only thing we don;t like is the fact that we can't play online. I understand that may not be the goal Or there was no time to do the mod online but if you can plizzz. Another thing is I can not see the textures of some sniper weapons (Maybe my problem is my video, intel 915gm) But I am going to install it in other pc to confirm and do some screens
  10. hi again and thanks for the answers and ideas. mmm i got 2 opcion's now: #1. ask Ingeloop if hi has the MP patch (or if he want help me to do the pach. Idon't know meybe is too occupied).why becos is too dificult to as get an count in file planet and downloat it. #2. dowload the vympel mod afterall they are similar (http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=35). I ask myself if is possible to do some changes to make MP funcional? and what changes i have to made for that?
  11. hello to all im here to ask you about mvd Osnaz mod. well I and some friends play ghost recon for long time ago (cos our's pc are too old and GR is too good afterold) and we like the rusians weapon and we found the oznas mod. but i found in this forum and ghostaholic forum something about MultiPlayer in this mod. well in this mod the MP in not work . well i got a questions there is some way to make work this mod in MP??? and or if they recommend another mod to us plizzz whit russians guns (besaid of kalashnikoba armory and alphamod).
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