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  1. i am now on mac... i had been playing pc version for years... how do i re-download GRAW 2 to my mac????? thanks
  2. i purchased this online about a month ago... yes 3 years ago but, had not played in a yr. and a half or more... i could not get the CD key from you for some reason so i bought a new version about a month ago... i had to do a system restore point because of certain files that came up missing on my comp ( not game related ) it wiped out my GRAW2... i do NOT have a disc... it was purchased online
  3. i had to do a system restore point for 2 months ago.... i now do NOT have graw2 in my computer.... how do i re-install this ??? i cant find the download i need thanks
  4. OK........ i will try it and see I have looked at all the different server types and there is no listing of the TRR files anywhere...... I went to a site called XESERVERMODS.INFO and what I found is a file called TRR_PACK.EXE is this the file that I need for the trr maps or not????????????? The file that I currently have is a different trrpack.bundle file..... Which one do I need to use please??????????????????? I wish someone would have just said to go to xeservermods.info and download the TRR_pack.exe from there. It is now installed and is running fine I believe. Thanks to everyone that tried to help. I appreciate it.
  5. what i have done is : after downloading the trr file i used : EXTRACT TO SPECIFIED FOLDER ......after that instead of extracting it into the CUSTOMS folder i put it in BUNDLE FOLDER and then copy and paste it into the CUSTOMS FOLDER.... to see if that did anything different and it didnt. When i tried to open the bundle file in the customs folder the same message came up saying "EITHER THE FILE IS AN UNKNOWN FORMAT OR IS DAMAGED" ..... I have made sure that after the download that I do have all of the file and not just part of it so I know that that is right.............
  6. thanks, i will try it.... let ya know later OK..........i have it downloaded and i will open it............when the winrar (evaluation copy) screen comes up what next............ Neither of them say bundle or anything like that ........ which of the 2 folders do i do what with and how?????????? thanks
  7. earthling, As FlimFlam has stated, you apparently have a corrupted rar file. You need to re-download it and try again. Make sure that your rar file is the size it should be once you have dowloaded it. If not, keep trying. Once you get it and can unpack it, you should be good to go. Let us know if not. I am not sure how to make sure it is the right size...... i have tried deleting and re-downloading 6 times and the same thing happens every time...... I will try again and see what happens and will let you know also: when i am at the downl0ad screen do i use: OPEN WITH or SAVE TO DISK so that i can do something else with it thanks
  8. I have done everything that the "HOW TO OPEN RAR FILE" says to do and everything everyone else has helped me try to do...... Thank you everyone who had comments..... WWhen I try to open the file TRRBUNDLE.PACK or whatever it says, I get a message saying "ARCHIVED FILE IS EITHER UNRECOGNIZABLE FORMAT OR IS DAMAGED." ......................... WHAT HE HELL DOES THIS MEAN????????????????????????????? winrar has already latched on to it and is ready to install but when I try I get that message....... I am not computer illiterate.............I am a total computer ###### because I know nothing about this type stuff................
  9. download winrar from http://www.download.com. Then use it to extract the files from the trr.rar archive. A ".rar" file is like a .zip file just that windows doesn't natively recognize it. You have to use a file that supports it like winrar. Anyway use winrar to extract the files. Then you can follow the instructions from there. Thank you for the info that worked. I am computer illiterate.... I have downloaded winrar and then i right clicked on the trr file for graw2 on my desktop and clicked extract files..... when i get on the graw2 and try to get on a trr map it says map not found is that strange or what???? I am not sure if I did it right
  10. I dont know much about computers.... I have downloaded the trr.rar map pack and when i try to open it a screen comes up asking me " what do you want firefox to do with this " . I have tried opening it with a different program (GRAW2) but it doesnt do anything.... What am i doing wrong????????????
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