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  1. They do know that ,but sales are higher if you release Quake clones instead of tactical sims.
  2. Uhh, I wasn't aware of that, now everything is clear to me...
  3. That statement summarizes the whole concept in a excellent way,I am only astonished that Tom Clancy could permit such an " arcadization " of his games or at least as you pointed out they should have changed the name to " Quake Marines " or something like that. Tom Clancy has ZERO to do with the game. He licensed his name to the original and Ubi retains the legal rights to continue using it. As long as they use "Ghost Recon" in the title, they can call it "Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon". That's one reason why they may never STOP using Ghost Recon... that would mean the end of the license agreement with Clancy to use his name for this franchise. I'm assuming the license agreements for other franchises are separate. -John K. Here you are not completely right IMO because you know Tom, his intellective skills are quite developed and for sure he is not in urgent needing of money therefore you can't release garbage naming it ghost recon just because Ubi has bought the rights. Tom is a brand name and it is a guarantee of a certain level of quality in terms of realism and if Ubi releases garbage Tom can sue them for sure and his possibilities to win are around 100 %. Told that he must have trusted them too much and I hope that he will kick someone in the ass to have arcadized Ghost Recon to a Quake level.
  4. There has to be some restriction. You can't carry an unlimited number of weapons. I think a primary, secondary, sidearm and backpack item (s) is pretty realistic. However, I think we could debate if you should have the ability to interchange primary and secondary weapons, for example carry a SCAR-H and an MRC. Nope, I was referring to the fact that inside some briefings you can have a primary and secondary weapon plus a sidearm and also a backpack. That's fine. Inside other briefings not only your " team " is limited to 2 men but also you can't carry the same weapons kit of the previous mission due to unknown reasons.... it happened twice as far as I remember ..... You can't also sacrifice the seconday weapon or a sidearm for extra bullets,that's a shame indeed. I would even sacrifice a man for extra bullets but this is not allowed. A huge amount of restrictions severly limit the tactical choices you have,for instance sometimes I would like to have a thermal sensor instead of the tactical map where magically you can see enemies hundreds meters away....
  5. In this mission there is a mix of bugs and insane intrisic amenities that make such mission a ridicolous effort and an huge waste of time to try to reach the nowhere point..... Unlikely a player understand all these things when it's too late,in the detail : when you run out of missiles and Zeus and your mate die it is too late to understand you can't proceed anymore and you have to restart from scracth. This is the main bug because when you are out of Zeus it should stop you immediately instead of leaving you playing the missions for dozens of minutes to let you understand you are ######ed only at the end of the efforts. Even because the fourth turret rocket launchers have already been downloaded against trucks minutes before...that's called trig events when programming.....and that's not my job. secondly you have to pass over a dam full of turrets full of hostiles , most of them are even snipers well hidden here and there......that's ridicolous even for a beta of Quake thirdly I have never seen an helo that is able to resist to hundreds of automatic gun projectiles without suffering even the smallest problem. Ahahahahah it must be an hologram just like Total Recall I thought....... thanks
  6. That statement summarizes the whole concept in a excellent way,I am only astonished that Tom Clancy could permit such an " arcadization " of his games or at least as you pointed out they should have changed the name to " Quake Marines " or something like that.
  7. BTW why briefing kit restrictions are in place ? Beside men restrictions I see now kit restrictions and also path restrictions.... anything else ? ahh... yeah...... ammonitions restrictions..... anything else ?
  8. Yes, right. In addition it often happens that I am able to carry a primary weapon , a secondary one , a Zeus and hand grenades. Sometimes inside certain mission's briefings you can't anymore even if the primary weapon is the same......why ? Did Mitchell became suddenly a granny ?
  9. I propose a new MP mission schema : a hundred of customers wait for 4 Ghost Ubisoft programmers inside a city where only a unique path is allowed. I would like to have fun seeing how their creature could be reversed against themselves,in this case I would bet 100 euros that they will die at least 10 times each before reaching the end. We have the same tactical approach inside Graw 2 , maybe this mission could convince them to incline the game more to a tactical approach instead of a shoot'n'up plenty of ambushes and ambushes and only ambushes. They simply labeled this game wrongly,the correct name is RAMBO 2.
  10. Hi All, here I am again with my stuck issues, yesterday I have been stuck into the dam mission because I fired my only Zeus at the beginning to an helo,then I found two missile launcher and I downloaded them against a truck for fun ( i wasn't aware they could have a role in the future ) ,then my mate ( who was carrying the last Zeus ) was supposed to shoot 2 helos but unfortunately he died before doing the job, so I am now fighting lot of hostiles and I have to shut down 2 helos to proceed but I am without missiles. Sorry mates, but how am I supposed to complete the task now ???? As always, thanks in advance [Correct Forum:] GR:AW 2 PC - Tactics & Strategies
  11. You hit the point Mitchell here, unlikely, kids in their early teeenies are always floating around and they are , from a marketing point of view , the ones who move money and if they prefer games like Halo , well, GRAW2 will be mainly an arcade first person shooter , secondly a kind of emulation of tactical warfare,thirdly a simulation of a simulation I fully agree about your comparison with flight sims etc.. how comes that you spend 20 minutes only to perform a check list inside a 747 of FS X ? that's boring ....why don't you shoot at the hostesses with a plasma cannon instead ? I also agree about the missing of replay ...ahh. I still remeber those days of Silent Storm...that was a real tactica lone,even if a turn based one Best Regards
  12. Ok, direct to the point, I do not want the secondary weapon cause during the missions it is easy to find them,I want extra ammo for my super sniper rifle ..I think it's called M99 or somethink like that. I can't despite my body is plenty of holes to store my extra ammonitions,is there any way to load extra ammos before the mission begins ? thanks
  13. Of course the answer is YES, I would play extra maps but OF COURSE they must come FOR FREE. They should release an editor to build up maps in alternative. The xpansion pack sounds like a nasty money machine,not really an extra bonus for fidel customers. Gunter
  14. I agree unlikely beeing myself not a mother tongue I can't reach a decent level of speech elaboration anyway since now I've played almost 8/9 missions and inside many of them you are like a pinball ball that sooner or later will reach the central hole. After some consequent dies you will understand where they are located and you can quite easily go ahead killing them but beeing dead 4/5 times the atmosphere or reality let the space to an arcade approach and this surelly is not intended. Another point of view could be that I'm very weak as player .. ah.. I still remember a time when I was killed from 4 meters above my head from a soldier with a rocket launcher ... but the most irritating aspect is that despiting the unique obliged path very often you have to deal with,when you try to take a different path you are subito warned with " you are leaving the mission area " and few seconds later you are killed automatically due to this alternative path approach . That's sad indeed. Despite these missions the game is definitely appealing and inside some other regular missions you can play the ball without any chains.
  15. Hi All, this to highlight to whomever could have a problem like the one I fighted against for several hours. I have a Geforce 7600 GT 512 MB and with the latest official drivers I experienced a GRAW 2 crash every 5 minutes. Of course all the other games I have installed work like a charm,despiting they are very recent ones or not. Therefore after several tries and after really bad words followed by bad physic acts I tried the latest Nvidia Beta drivers and the situation is bettered really a lot. Now crasches are quite rare,even if they still happen every now and then but at least the game is now playable. Hope this could be useful
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