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  1. Really, its getting annoying everything i say is getting deleted, i dont know who is doing it, but stop. What i say isn't even negative or directed at any admins.
  2. Visit our site: http://teamsharp.110mb.com We recruit skilled FPS players. We look for both personality and potential. Come join and find out what team work is really about. [Moved to correct forum & Merged with your existing thread]
  3. Right, I would try to defend myself, but they won't let me register, so I can't post anything. In fact, someone else I know wasn't allowed to register in my defense either. SO, thats why I posted here.
  4. I understand that it is there server. But I don't understand where it is okay for them to do it, but not me. Or, how come the rule exists today, but not yesterday. How suddenly that there is a term "Spotting" and is also considered a hack, when I have NEVER hacked. But seriously, shasta did it, so why the ##### can't I do it? It's not that I got banned that bothers me, what does is why. Why are you allowed to ban whoever you want? Because they don't like you, they make up a story/rule and ban you. IF you admin a server(which I did for a while, be back up later hopefully) you have a certain responsibility. You should be fair in all your decisions and not ban people because they are better than you. Like I said, this kind of manipulation should not be allowed. For example, I was in the dog server the other day, and -=DoG=-Thor started tking me with a sniper rifle. I asked why he was tking me and he said shut up and stop arguing with me unless you want a ban. This sounds like a little kid with to much power! Are we going to let little kids keep running the servers? Seriously? Same story with srt, just less blunt.
  5. But really, does anyone else think this is bs? Just because the community is so small does not mean that this kind of manipulation should be allowed. Public servers becoming private servers, because there is a glass ceiling for skill? Banned for being smart, good, better? Oh, and I am not allowed to register for even a chance to defend my self. Is that anyway to run a server? Hear what you want to hear and nothing else? Sounds a lot like Ubisoft and the way they listen to our feedback. Oh wait, they told grin to ignore all our requests... any similarities here?
  6. Okay, check this out. I was on the map the_cut tdm and I was banned for "Spotting". Apparently that is camping in one spot. Hmmm. I was not in a bush, but on top of a rock. Even if I was in a bush, who cares. I typically don't camp, I like to run and gun. But seriously, who has ever heard of the term "spotting" before? The first person I ever saw "Spot" was SRT_Shasta, who goes to that spot EVERY SINGLE TIME I have played against him. But suddenly, I was spotting newbs. Note, these "noobs" were all SRT players I have seen around since graw one. It was just me and srt in the server, so I highly doubt that I was spotting newbs. You may be asking, what the hell is spotting? Yeah well, me too. Ask SRT, they invented the term last week. For me it is just a glorified term for shooting someone in the side as they blindly run up a hill. Frankly, I think they were p i s s e d that they just didn't look left when they ran all the way up the hill. Besides, if you've played the cut, you know this is bullcrap. How can you even move around that map without being behind, in, or on top of something? There is a bush or a rock every three feet. I was not even in prone or crouching, I was standing up on top of a rock against broad daylight. I could not have been that hard to see. This whole thing to me is ridiculous. If you don't like getting shot in your own server, then you should not own a server. If you don't like getting shot, host your own game with a max of one player. Read this, just listen to how ridiculous this sounds. They act as if spotting is the same as hacking! ###### Even is spotting? They tell me I should know better? Now I am a punk? Someone tell me what I am missing. I simply went into a server, shot some srt "punks" and got banned. Wasn't even camping in a bush. And why stop there, if you are going to ban me for shooting you in the side, ban everyone who as ever camped a bush or a rock. So that they may "never do it again." *NOTE* Click FORUMS>GRAW2 SERVER>BANNED FROM SERVER? (couldn't get a direct link to work) http://www.srtclan.com/
  7. We are recruiting, go to: http://teamsharp.elementfx.com and leave a post in our recruiting section. To contact me on xfire, my name is: sharpepic My e-mail is: sharpepic@yahoo.com p.s. Th33f, send me an e-mail, or contact me on xfire, whichever you choose.
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