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  1. Ubisoft could have done better, with this game, and it chose not to.... Hopefully the Modding Community can save it! Ronin01
  2. Don't know why everyone is so negative?.....You're ######t'in me right?
  3. I had a feeling that when all any of the Rep's, from Ubisoft, could do was laugh and keep repeating that "We listened to the fans". It was all BS... The fans were the PC Users. The console versions of the Ghost Recon Series hardly sold at all. PC Users put Ubisoft on the map. They're "Play for Free" Ghost Recon will crap out and you watch, they're "Console only" will drop off the charts after about two weeks. Ronin01
  4. May be something, may be nothing.... The artist who did the character modeling/texturing for R6V was working on a model of a female pilot. If you google "ZbrushCentral - GATCHA-Zgirl". Have a look.... Hey,...now that I think about it.......Tom Clancy's house was burnt up...and OH MY God!!!...It's Tom Clancy's admission....He burnt his own house down! Thats it, call the Fire Marshal.....probably did it for the insurance money. His HUMMER needs a tank of gas. Ronin01
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