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  1. Servers down again !!! Are they try to kill the game sooner?
  2. I have problem connecting to Graw2 multiplayer, try to communicate with the server and drop down. Not even log in to to the panel with the servers,or play offline(lan) Anyone has this problem Ok now rebbot rooter
  3. Tomorrow :After 1 week Dear Graw2 fans there will be a delay for the announcement ,If there will be a new patch for Graw2 That is pure Ubi
  4. Ask Tinker ,he scripts very well for [GR] Missions at the moment
  5. Here the discription of the endless grenade-trick in the demo-version I don't think they patch the demo of the game,with the new version 1.05. Since 1.05 in the game i hadn't saw any cheats Might be because i play in good servers
  6. I play it with zero,and i have terrible lags at the eliminate terrorists part of the mission.(basically like out of sync) Also as a sniper i wasn't able to put C4 on the Adats. Are there any restrictions or bug? Very good Mission Rpg
  7. Yes ,in the video you killed Rpg,when he was near the enemy If we play together i will stay behind u }
  8. Wolf is there a possibility of a new patch for graw2 to be true? Is there a possibility to be your mod
  9. Does he know that he 's face is in a game,or later he will demand money lol
  10. Hope to fix something and not make more problems. Hope if there is a new patch to be compatible with the coop missions ,maps and mods from Wolf ,BSR_Vhladd, SG.NLY_P@po, Rpghard ,Brettzies and other modders )
  11. firefights crash the game with the older firefights versions. This happened to defend mode also,not compatible with the new ones
  12. Any news biro about your map mp_river. Or the project abandoned
  13. First of all Rpg,all(expect 1-2) we use your missions here from grnet(Best and first GR site) .So Rocky not to host the missions from the thief's in this site. While there isn't an auto down loader,their stolen mission can 't be famous or known.First time i heard that for changing your missions.I am sure you would let them mod them if they ask, because you are that kind of person. Only one simple question. Your Coop missions are famous,and many people play it online. I think it is not good for all the rest ,1o r 2 people who modified your missions,not to have the opportunity for your next projects. It is your decision ,hope to change it
  14. Mission 07 Beta ! Sneak until first tank,i got the intel,but the tank is in an open area.When i get inside ,it starts fire at me,stealth broken,and mission failed. My opinion is when stealth broken,not to end the mission,but Continue with some consequenceses Then is the time the tank must be activated and the patrols start searching,and waiting (take some very good positions)for hostiles. Until stealth broken ,tanks must be off. As lone wolf i did it until Tank 1,but if you play as squad of 4-6 people,might be difficult for stealth. Also all Recon missions at my opinion have to be that way. If you kill civilians,then mission failed for sure. I don;t know how difficult is to make that script,it is my opinion only. Also i want to ask if it is difficult to script the recon missions,so you can use weapons with Silencers,and of course ,that enemy you kill is alone not in a group,so the others alerted. And for a Car with a machine gun patrol(when stealth broken,or at the beginning) Thx for modding those kind of missions,it brings [GR] back for me and some other. Better make 3-4-5 perfect and good missions,then trying to make 10 half.You understand what i mean. Also all Recon missions have to be night,is easier to sneak and more realistic,then sneaking when the sun is up in the sky ,and pass near him .
  15. Hope for more of this kind of your work.
  16. return home 5 Comments You get out of map,no sting (pressing m to see where are u or your teammates), you don't know where to go,no way points, or the objectives marked at the map. No crashes,no people on any machine gun nests ?
  17. In TDM spawn camping it not a problem for me because ,to reach spawn zone you must have a good team and be a good player.The team advance very good,and surround the enemies for me. But At HH is ridiculous,that's why i don't play this mode.Prefer RvsA,has a purpose for winning. Defend mode an Coop for fun also
  18. hope to see a server with defend,try to find two days now but ...
  19. When it is completed it will be the best mod for graw2 Make a mission like rozen too,the pow follow you.Save a pilot of a heli crash,or advance in a crash site in 5"minutes and save the pilot or mission failed
  20. Mission 04 Beta: Comments Find it easy at assault mode,i will try to recon tomorow Suggestions Make the mission noon,not night,so you can sneak up easily.Leave the enemies at 25,at r econ,but if you kill someone or if someone spotted you and trigger the alarm,can you make more enemies to re spawn , ,so the way out be difficult,also and 2 vehicles with machine gun with 4 enemies each as reinforcements from away ,if the alarm triggered or you blow the 2 Howitzer`s. Keep the good work
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