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  1. Servers down again !!! Are they try to kill the game sooner?
  2. I have problem connecting to Graw2 multiplayer, try to communicate with the server and drop down. Not even log in to to the panel with the servers,or play offline(lan) Anyone has this problem Ok now rebbot rooter
  3. Tomorrow :After 1 week Dear Graw2 fans there will be a delay for the announcement ,If there will be a new patch for Graw2 That is pure Ubi
  4. Ask Tinker ,he scripts very well for [GR] Missions at the moment
  5. Here the discription of the endless grenade-trick in the demo-version I don't think they patch the demo of the game,with the new version 1.05. Since 1.05 in the game i hadn't saw any cheats Might be because i play in good servers
  6. I play it with zero,and i have terrible lags at the eliminate terrorists part of the mission.(basically like out of sync) Also as a sniper i wasn't able to put C4 on the Adats. Are there any restrictions or bug? Very good Mission Rpg
  7. Yes ,in the video you killed Rpg,when he was near the enemy If we play together i will stay behind u }
  8. Wolf is there a possibility of a new patch for graw2 to be true? Is there a possibility to be your mod
  9. Does he know that he 's face is in a game,or later he will demand money lol
  10. Hope to fix something and not make more problems. Hope if there is a new patch to be compatible with the coop missions ,maps and mods from Wolf ,BSR_Vhladd, SG.NLY_P@po, Rpghard ,Brettzies and other modders )
  11. firefights crash the game with the older firefights versions. This happened to defend mode also,not compatible with the new ones
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