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  1. just FYI , lost coast introduced HL2's HDR rendering .
  2. first of you you have no idea about RvsA , it is a seriously taken tactical simulated mission , which is objective based . and secondly i never told him he cant , what you expect that i will do if he does make the new modified mode ? all i can do is warn . harm doesnt come from kicking people who arent playing . if they are not interested in playing there is nothing wrong with removng them , havent you ever gone to school ? in school you are punished for lack of effort .
  3. i aint your dad or role model , but keeping your server clean and running smoothly takes work . when there is someone camping or not going to objectives you can always kick or give his position to the enemy . unlimited ghost respawns would be completely retarded , but then again i wont be playing it . but i advise that you dont make that possible because it will be a laughable excuse for people NOT to play RvsA : it will just cause more harm to the game than it will help .
  4. ok so i got the plugin and the rest of the tools and documentation , but i installed the plugin to max 9 and it wont load . so i am asking anyone that has the max 8 demo still around somewhewre or knows where to find it , please link me , i am really in need of it . or as an alternative , if anyone would like to work with me , i will send renders when i get some stuff done and if its up to your tastes , maybe you could export the map for me ? i am really sad that max 9 was not supported , and i plan on making a really interesting and tactically sound map .
  5. ok thanks rocky ... i was able to click your name on the FileFront page and browse the files , i found it pretty quickly after that . so if anyone has the same problem with the gr.net link bringing you to an odd page where it loads forever , click rocky's name and look through the downloads .
  6. hi , i am a 3d modeler and i am planning on building a map for graw2 . the link on gr.net to the tutorials and docs is broken , and i have reported it . but i am still losing time on getting to work . i was hoping someone could post the tutorials on something like "yousendit" or even their own server please ? any help with getting them soon would be greatly appreciated . thanks
  7. why no RvsA? oh i forgot it takes a special kind of person to like RvsA .
  8. please , and i say this for alot of us , please include Recon Vs. Assault in the ladder list when you mention GRAW2 for ladders . even if you dont or wont play it , it would still be good for the game and the rest of the community to include it so that nobody is left out . thanks .
  9. i will talk to my clan about a match ... we are an RvsA (recon vs. assault ) only clan , hope that you play that mode as well . please leave a response here if you wish to match RvsA , thz
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