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  1. 3) Nope. This game should have released with all maps available in MP. Also, considering the current activity levels in MPer I see no reason to spend any more cash on this game. I really like the game too.
  2. Considering that RVS, a 4 year old game, has more teams and activity on TWL than GRAW2, I doubt that CAL would support it. Sad, I think GR2 is 100% better than RVS and one of the best FPS's on the market but for some reason the majority of gamers don't like it or won't ladder it.
  3. We would participate in meetings, rule committees or whatever is needed to help give this game some energy and increase activity levels. We currently do not have a server but do have a website and can host the Tourney format if needed. Roco's suggestion on starting with TDM and then advancing to Siege and or HH would keep it interesting and hopefully encourage more of the community to participate. When and where do we meet to get this kicking?
  4. Actually it wasn't. If a Clan's server had peeps on, they would match. Simple as that. You could do tons of pickup ladder matching because every clan wanted to match. When you finished one, you just went to another. There were also scheduled ladders. (Who said TCZ and such had just one ladder) I have probably about 1000 GR1 matches under my belt (at least) and only because we were late getting into the rumble. GRAW 2 could be like this also... but there is only 1 Site hosting it which for North America only has 2 ladders. I think GRAW2 needs a tournament. That might gather some interest. Excellent idea! I'd be willing to help organize or were you thinking of a sponsor such as TWL?
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