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  1. I just want coop mutiplayer squads with leader respawning back like in GRAW1. I still can not believe it was taken out.
  2. I quit playing Graw2 mutiplayer also because of no squads/no spawn on leader. I can't believe they would make a new game with all the pretty scenery and then leave out the best parts of the last game. They are going backwards. What are they thinking? I have heard this complaint many times. I was hoping a patch would fix it, but it looks like they don't care about what we want.
  3. I play COOP almost exclusively on TS with my clan and in GRAW1 squads were great when you were on a large map and could spawn on your leader. Again...the walk from the base makes the game get old real fast. We all went back to GRAW1 now because of that.
  4. Why is there not squads in multiplayer like in GRAW1? What a PIA it is to walk across the map when you are killed. The stratagy and gameplay is much better with squads. I'm sorry if this was asked before...I did search the forums, but the search engine did'nt come up with anything.
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