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  1. Don't worry, I've got a lot of mods for GR already. I downloaded them when I had the ad-supported GR.
  2. What?! Aw, no way! Well, at least I won't be totally disappointed... I went ahead with Rocky's advice and ordered GR Gold from Amazon. It's only about 14 dollars (plus shipping & handling, which is about 3 more dollars) for the standard delivery anyway.
  3. Hi, I'm having a serious problem with the installation program of GR. I downloaded the free version of GR a few days ago. It was working for a few days, but then I messed with some of the files, trying to make a mod that wouldn't work...work. This is not the problem though. I uninstalled the game and tried to reinstall it. I put in my ubi.com login info...but then it says that I DON'T live in the US. When I installed the game for the first time, everything was fine. My ubi account said that I lived in the US, but now it doesn't work. I make a new account with my location in the US. The installer doesn't work. I make yet ANOTHER account with my location in US. It still doesn't work. I tried extracting the setup to another folder and then try it again. STILL doesn't work. Then I re-download the dang zip archive. I try it again. STILL...DOESN'T...WORK!!! Every thing I try always ends up with it saying: "Sorry, you don't live in the US". I downloaded the game from Gamer's Hell. I haven't downloaded it from any other location yet, so I'm gonna try that. However, I'm afraid that even THAT won't work. Can anyone please help me?! I REALLY want to play GR again.
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