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  1. That would be US! Feel free to contact us... http://www.enemyoffline.com/ http://www.mknudsen.org/flash/stats_intro/intro.html (our stat-site intro) Sadly http://stats.enemyoffline.com/ is not working anymore. The stat system was created by Sniper and Diego from EO.
  2. http://ghostrecon.enemyoffline.com/images/gr_jb_sig.jpg
  3. I tried the maps yesterdays, and i Must say: Very nice looking maps!
  4. Hello everyone. If your are interested to join our annual tournament, please visit http://ghostrecon.enemyoffline.com and sign-up. Cya there!
  5. Kidbuster needs more programmers and support. Visit the KB forums and support Subdino
  6. Since the competition ends today....where to vote?
  7. I have read somewhere that symbols like £ in a players name will crash the GR server aswell as the Dedicated server tool fra mass productions... Can anyone help me with a link where I can read about it?
  8. :'( I cannot get this to work.... I dont want to record the games....I want to see the replay files in windows...not GR...
  9. Just found out myself that in order to paint the walls (add grafitti) I need to make it a mod. The reason why is that I have to edit the .rsb files and the grafitti will only work for the computer whom edited the image. Nobody else. Too bad. If someone out there know a way to do this serverside, please let me know.
  10. Hi We have a server on UBI and I wanna add some text on the walls inside Roadblock. (Spray-painting) on this server. How do I do that and is it possible to keep this serverside? (the .mis file) My intention is to make texts like "No glitching", "No camping" etc. and I was hoping everybody could see it without the need of downloading something. Is it possible!?
  11. Hi My clan has an UBI server online. We want to change some of the maps so that the players don't need to download anything but will enjoy our small changes. Serverside! 1. Examples of changes: - Add/Remove weather effects on some maps. Ex: Remove rain on Mountain Stronghold 2. How much can u do serverside? - Can u alter the sounds Add/remove soundeffects? - Can u insert a tank? - Can you increase/decrease vision? Appreciate all help!
  12. Our "Ghost Recon" server are open for all and are located both on UBI and The Eye. Look for Enemy Offline.... We also have a TS server for you all to use-> ts.enemyoffline.com Our gameserveraddress is arena2.enemyoffline.com or Arena2 Status right now clik here: http://arena2.enemyoffline.com:83/ Feel free to join at any time... All player stats are recorded on our webpage as well...
  13. Enemy Offline - 100mbit Dedicated server on UBI - no lag 32 players MODS: DS, IT Version: 1.4 No password needed to join - uptime 24h/day See whos online here: http://arena2.enemyoffline.com:83/ Adresses: arena2.enemyoffline.com or
  14. But still.... It's an error that the makers of GR should correct.
  15. I noticed yesterday during the m10_Vilnius briefing that the small Briefing map was wrong. It looked like as if seen through a mirror. --eagle eye! Take a look...it's true!
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