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  1. is there a way for weapon-balance by summing weapon-points of teams limiting available weapons? WP-Limit: many weapons will cost ZERO WP but sniper rifle e.g. cost 4 WP of team. total WP of Team = n_player * 1WP same for GL Limited-Availability: e.g. one or two sniper rifles for each team max - if theses weapons are taken no further sniper rifles are selectable. i think both concepts combined could enable a good weapon balance. may be do a little force team-play - or even TK *g*
  2. there is a small video showing npc-behavior controlled by perception and understanding of the whole puicture: there is also a small note about aiseek/intia http://www.tentonhammer.com/node/7780
  3. 48°51'20.18"N 2°17'51.11"O with google-maps!
  4. may be i did not get the point, but .. more teammates increases the score? won't it be better to DIVIDE score through amount of members or better there square? => result = (sum of points) / (n_members*n_members) a team doing a job with 5 members than 10 members will get 4 times more points, e.g. score-effecting factor could be: ratio of surviving/starters aiming-efficience: ratio of hits/shots
  5. this problem refer to ps3 an not graw! quick reformating the disk does the trick for me
  6. about testing.. would perhaps be nice if there exist a closed beta-net of trusted clans ready to test a map for fast test-results. may be there is perhaps a way that grin or author can sign his maps as "released" or with other dev-stats, so beta-ware and similar is detectable. if a beta-version "tunnels" to public, it's marked. if ppl get annoyed by beta-ware, cuz they won't testing, they can filter them out. don't know how to do it .. but beta-net don't need any patches.
  7. may be that would have a matter to laws .. but some city cores are very interesting, i thing
  8. i don't want to point to the used/arbitrary hardware but to the ai-engine itself - may it run on cpu with many many cores. the ai itself is in my focus - a multi-core-cpu could compute this ai. at moment aiseek only provide a software-solution but have a special aipu in strategy. it's like physx and ppu: a game use physx-sdk and ppu can accelerate that - but it's don't require a ppu
  9. i read it's work similar to physx and ppu: it's able to run on cpu and faster on aipu intia but don't require it. i don't thing that the try to find sw-houses including this tek but don't provide a software-solution. i don't know internal structure of graw 2 so i don't know possibility/effort for changing ai-engine agree that "patch" don't match amount of changes .. may be it's somethinfor graw 3?
  10. general i would like to praise this cleared up forum general (why get my threads ever moved??? *g*)
  11. a stealt tank for hidden operations: transport/clearing. it's light (weight/armor),fast and vulnerable. supporters creating sinks to lower tanks to surface to reduce visibility/vulnerability supporters making camouflage nets over tanks or creating medical stations or hq for teamLeader with staff using fortified infrastructure increases facilities e.g. fortified hq gives more maps (tactical,strategical), allow creating way-points visible to squad sorry .. this ideas depends from each other .. but the first is a vehicle i think all classes in battle field are a good inspiration additional: directable emv-interferencer to break enemies com system how about a rating for vehicles, so so that a team have e.g. 20 vehicle points and the team/teamLeader can choose what units will taken limited by vehicle points
  12. i read in another forum they get map ageia physx work without agaiy physx-card and game gets 5FPS. don't know spec of the maschine, but they took as result that the point goes to ageia. i think this (re-)measurement fits to this forum.
  13. decided to "waste" some money in this way .. i call it "investing"
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