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  1. Can someone please help me i always get crashes client out of sync :( or alterated game files found this is retail game i bought from the local pc shop ive installed all the patches for the game and it still does it ive tryed reinstalling the game ive got the latest graphic drivers for my 8800 gts im getting 100 fps i can play graw 1 fine with no problems - my connection is 512/128k adsl1 , Please help i would like to play this game

    P.S This happens on every server ive tryed and its not on map changes it just while playing . I havent tryed a coop server yet tho

  2. Does any 1 know if any one is working on a fix for the black screen bug that effects some maps it allows you to see through walls and the hole screen goes black... I have confirmed this with other people using the 8800 series card and vista the main map you see it on is the church map and a few others - It can be really annoying one minute your about to sh0ot someone then you walk into a black screen spot...

  3. I am currently using a GeForce 7300 LE card in my XPS 410 Dell.

    Obviously, GRAW does not run for me...updated drivers and all.

    I keep getting the dreaded error:

    Crash in application version: grpcrc1.02

    Could not load geometry because IDirect3D9::CreateVertexBuffer failed.

    This device does not support the queried technique.





    Any suggestions on a new nVidia card or should I switch to the Radeon?..if so, which one has everyone been lucky with?

    Or am I barking up the wrong tree? :hmm:


    download the latest drivers these are for win xp 32 bit ^^ support 7300 LE remember to uninstall your old driver and aftar you uninstall it i suggest you use driver cleaner pro to remove any left over files then install the new driver


    driver cleaner pro ^^ download install then open it up and slect cleaning for nvidia then click more details then click Start ...

  4. What drivers are you using for your gpu? The latest 163.xx beta drivers work perfect with the game. The official 162.18 WHQL driver does not work properly with GRAW2. I had a problem similar to yours when I used the 162.18 drivers and it was fixed by either using older drivers, or the latest beta drivers available at Nvidia's www.nzone.com . The latest version is 163.67.

    EDIT: Nevermind, I didn't read your entire post before I posted. I see you already tried the latest drivers. Disregard what I said above.

    Try the latest BETA driver from nvidia http://www.nzone.com/object/nzone_download...betadriver.html

  5. I have this very same problem.

    I can play the game fine in singleplayer or if i start a Lan or internet server but as soon as I join or host a game with other people I crash out at approx 20 mins.

    I have gone through every Nvidia driver avaiable - back to v82!

    My system:

    Intel Dual Core E6400

    2 GB Ram

    Nvidia 7900 512MB AGP


    Any other suggestions as this is the best coop game about and my friend and I love it - if only i can play long enough

    my problem was a little different to that cause i was crashing in the singleplayer as well , But like i said since i upgraded to vista i havent had any problems ... , Maybe try using the latest nvidia Beta drivers http://www.nzone.com/object/nzone_download...betadriver.html Download the one for windows xp they just made a new released driver yesterday .. make sure you use driver cleaner pro aftar you uninstall your old driver

  6. Aftar installing vista & using the latest nvidia beta drivers the problem has gone :)

    by the way whats with that black line that you see in the missions when they talk to you through the video com thing that black line that starts at the top and slowly goes down the little video screen in the right hand cornor works its way from the top and goes down to the bottom & starts at the top again .. Take a look at this youtube video of someone playing graw you can see the black line http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f8_vaPds_l0...ted&search=

    The same issue is in f.e.a.r some parts of the game there is a tv playing and there is the same black line that starts from the top and slowly works its way tot he bottom and starts back up the top

  7. While playing graw the nvidia display driver crashes & the game exits to the desktop & everythink look real funny like its running in 256 colours.. & then the monitor goes black & reports no signal.... i can be playing graw for some times 20 mins before it will do it .. sometimes 30mins , It dosnt seem to do it in multiplayer team death match solo etc.. last night i decided to try coop & as soon as i did that 4 mins into the mission the sound went all funny & then the display driver crashed & monitor reported no signal... The game is fully patched with the 1.35 patch

    im using 8800 gts 640mb's graphics card with the latest nvidia xp 32bit drivers

    my computer specs

    Cpu: intel pentium d 935 3.2ghz dual core

    Ram: 1gb corsair 667mhz

    Gfx Card: 8800 gts 640mb

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