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  1. Hoooahhh! Loving these friday nights. Had fab games tonight guys. K
  2. Cheers to panic for putting these up They'll be a great help to me anyhow. Found the link for downpour Downpour K
  3. I Still have it installed, albeit unplayed since COD4. But would jump in on a few games. K
  4. Hi All, Just come off a Fanbloodytastic game tonight. I sympathise with Zebb, i had awful lag last week so had to drop out. This week i had very little lag, but no one could hear me on TS. Think it's sorted now so hopefully see you all tonight too. Catch ya later K
  5. Can we run if under gun fire? Ta K Good Q. The thing is, I;ve put hours in on the crouch server, and never once have I had to try and outrun bullets, because 99/100 the second you take incoming, you are dead anyway. Having said that, I've amended the rules to say you can run if caught under suppesive fire, seems reasonable Cool, i agree about the 99/100 times dead, but i'd like to know i can make that attempt. Coward that i am !! K
  6. Both of these reasons are probably why i enjoy this server K
  7. I've spent a bit of time on the TSG server, i reckon i know what you're aiming for. I'll try to be there. K
  8. I spent some time on this server last night and really enjoyed it. There were a few gits on there that were refusing to abide by the rules, but they were getting a lot of console warnings before they were kicked. It's a good place to hangout if you like the slower more methodical game. K
  9. Shameless Plug Yes! If you hate GRAW2 lke I hate GRAW2, then click the above link. v1.05 probably won't come, and if it does it won't magically make the game wirth playing. Even if you love GRAW2, but want to see in making what GRAW2 should have been. Click the link
  10. http://img519.imageshack.us/img519/4459/se...ames6wr0rs1.jpg Thoughts anyone? K
  11. Damn guys, i'm starting to get excited about GRAW2 again. Fingers crossed for something great !! K
  12. I voted 'maybe' but on condition of a few things; a) Repair GRAW2 very soon. b) Grin / UBI must actually pay attention to this and thier own forums and put into GR:AW3 (for PC) a lot of the changes that you guys who contribute have suggested. c) Bring out a complete, polished and finished (PC) game before Blackfoot studios do. To much to ask? We'll see! K
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