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  1. Hey man, I'll play the campaign co-op with you. Eric Hmm, there are two Steam profiles with your Steam name. Is the all lowercase one or the one with caps?
  2. I'm looking forward to downloading and playing this mission mod. I also want to say that I'm glad that the useage of Brett's weapons mod was taken into consider for this as well, as his mod is a MUST for anybody playing this game.
  3. Hello, Yes, is there a way to change it so that the weapons from Brett's weapons pack mod can be selected instead of the default weapons selected by the game for the soldier class loadouts? Eric
  4. Hi Brett, Thanks for the clarification. It must be Recon vs Assault then that I'm in, where you select your character type (assault, sniper, etc etc). Appreciate the response. Great mod. Now if only this mod could be used concurrently with other mods, I'd have a more interesting time playing the solo campaign. Eric
  5. Hi Brett, I'm sticking to v2.05 just the way it was when I downloaded it, no OTS or old camo outfits. I'm doing some LAN/Coop games and I don't see the Mk18 available in any of my kits. Is that because I have not accumulated enough points? Eric
  6. Can this be used in conjunction with Brettzies Weapons Pack mod?
  7. In order to get weapons to default to single fire, I had to set them to "5" in the fire mode. This is actually suppose to be single+burst, but it also has auto. I thought about making burst behave like full auto, then you have two full auto modes, but it just seemed like if a weapon didn't have a burst mode, then disable it(even though it shows up). The USMC version of the M4 actually has semi+burst with no full auto, but most M4s seem to be semi+full auto, so that's how they are in this game. It was just a decision I had to make on which would be least confusing, but either way I think people would have issues. In the end I thought if a weapon only had two modes, then I would only enable two of them. Unfortunately, I couldn't turn off full auto for the M16A4, though mode 5 was suppose to do this. As for the sound, try some of the suggestions earlier in this thread. Make sure you actually have the sound in the local/bp... folder. Try the EAX disable or medium settngs. Other then that, I don't know. Hi Brett, Thanks for the explanation. It turns out that in my stupidity in unbundling the bundle file, I did not copy the Sounds folder from the Local folder inside of the v2.05b folder over to the new v2.05b folder inside of my Local folder. All works fine now!! This is freaking awesome. Eric
  8. Success, I got it working properly. I completely forgot to copy the Sounds folder over, which is why I did not hear my own weapons firing. My apologies. And thanks to all who tried to help me. Please forgive my stupidity. Eric
  9. Hey there, Sorry, let me correct my prior statement. I did a manual install of the v2.05b mod via the unbundling of the .bundle file and manually installed all folders into the Local folder. The sounds aren't coming through for me. I'll trying running a manual unbundle execution again and replace the sounds folder from the prior install and see if that helps. But if anybody can think of anything else, please feel free to let me know! Eric PS: hope you're all having a great President's Day off today.
  10. Hi Brett, Love the looks on the v2.0b mod. One thing: On the Mk18, the 3 round burst firing mode shows up but can't be used, I'm assuming because in real life, it'll only go SA or Full Auto. And, is it just me, but I'm having problems with the sound files. When I fire my weapon, I don't hear a thing, but I can hear the firing sounds from my teammates. Anybody have any suggestions? Thanks Eric
  11. Hi Brett, I'm downloading it now and look forward to using it. Thanks a lot man! One question, and I hate to bring this up so please don't flame me: Is there a way to get an eotech site onto the GPMG's? Thanks again. Eric PS: I play this game soley for using your mods.
  12. Not sure many people are still playing GRAW, but since I did this for myself, I am putting it up for anyone else who still might be playing this game. This will bring me back to playing GRAW 1: Thanks!
  13. Happy Saturday All, I've been experiencing game play problems with GR 1 on my Dell XPS 720. I have XP MCE SP2, nVidia 8800GTX (768mb RAM), X-Fi SB sound card, 2GB of system RAM and DirectX 9c. The problem us that during game play, the game will pause. Sounds odd, but I'll be playing a character and having them running when suddenly the game will temporarily freeze (for lack of better terms) and then it'll resume. Think of watching a movie and the movie has choppy playback. That is what I'm experiencing. I'm guessing that perhaps it might be related to me turning all the video options up all the way to the max, but I'm hoping it is something else. Thanks. Eric
  14. I don't believe it is possible to run 2 mods at the same time, so I would guess and say no. Thanks for the answer. I was afraid of that. I'll give it a spin anyway! Using your mod, that is. Not both at the same time.
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