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  1. I stop my project because everybody play on COD4 ;(
  2. yes,but i start with splines to make mountains,etc... and after i convert it to poly
  3. To Grin Team,when you modeling a landscape,do you use Splines or Nurbrs ?
  4. lol, I known this ! Just known if there is a method to make landscape (splines,poly ...)
  5. Hi,what plugin or method do you use to make your landscape in graw2 ?
  6. i test unwrap on a small landscape with vertex painting and it's good I think i've got to much error on my mesh or poly,it's my problem ...........................30 min after this post ,i re test on Lost_island map,cleaning UVW & materials,channels,etc...and now the textures is not strecthed,looking so good,i'm happy Thx for your help MERCIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!
  7. Ok thx Wolfsong, look at this I apply a unwrap modifier & use pelt mapping but on 3dsmax is very good but on the editor my unwrap not present ? I forget something ?? Sorry but i'm "Noob" on 3dsmax (about 2 months),but i want to learn !!
  8. This is the error when i export on 3dsmax "Failed test degenerate_uvtriangles_channel2(79) == 0 - This mesh contains degenerate triangles in UV channel 2. This will create an invalid tangent space. Comment: 136 2419 3265 4965 4966 4967 4970 4971 5229 5652 "
  9. Hello all,i 've got some problems with unwrap modifier (with UVW map there is no problem but is not the better tool with my terrain ) I apply this modifier on my landscapes and use the pelt mapping,on 3ds max it's good but when i export it there is some erros on diesel export (UV tiled in different way ....)& on the editor my UVW unwrap not appear like on 3dsmax
  10. lol,try to speak french on a french forum ! Some people have some difficult to write english,like me,but i try Be cool with frenchies
  11. This my first custom landscapes that coming soon !! See the pictures ! Texturing & place some objects and it's finish !
  12. Put the monitor resolution at 1024 x 1024 and do the minimap ! lol !
  13. Problem on Texture scope (texture not define) & minimap is not generate
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