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  1. So I am done with my new mod, I am just going trough some fixes but it should be out tomorrow (It took me one day to make it, so there will surely be some bugs, but I should be able to fix them this weekend)

    So what does this mod do? Well, it enables the ageia special effects (Not the enchanced particle system/cloth effects) these are the features (taken from ageia.com)

    * Foliage that is affected by the force from wind and players movement.

    * Palm trees that sway due the affect from wind force, and break from gunfire and explosions.

    * Destructible objects(houses, wooden/metal fences, watch towers, walls of sandbags)

    * Cloth simulation for clotheslines, tents, and camouflage nets.

    * Kinetic damage from objects like falling roofs caving in.

    * All impact and explosion FX are simulated using fluid debris.

    Yes, so you can blow up the watchtowers, and palm trees. Yes, unfortunately only the palm trees, there are no custom file/script for other trees (Yet, :ph34r: )

    So whats so cool about it? Well, it will allow you to play in a completely different way, you will be able to cut down trees and take cover behind them, or you can throw a grenade from a long distance towards a house and blow it up, or you can hide behind a fence and knock out board by board.

    The good thing is that all of you moders can use this mod in your own mods !

    Here is a little preview (wind effects)

    Windows XP users go to: C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2\Data\settings and edit: physics_settings.xml

    If you want wind in your campaign missions or your custom maps, just add the following lines before the POOL SIZE box:

    <tweak parameter="wind_whirl_x" value="0.009" level="XXXXXX" />

    <tweak parameter="wind_whirl_y" value="-0.006" level="XXXXXX" />

    <tweak parameter="wind_whirl_z" value="0.01" level="XXXXXX" />

    <tweak parameter="wind_whirl_r" value="30" level="XXXXXX" />

    <tweak parameter="wind_whirl_t" value="2" level="XXXXXX" />

    (Substitute XXXXXX with the name of the level name)

    Now the con is that it requires tremendously much processor power, if you want to run it in software mode (Emulated) just add this line:

    <tweak parameter="hardware_master_scene" value="0" level="XXXXXX" />

    (Substitute XXXXXX with the name of the level name)

    Now, if you want you can force the game to run using the High/Extreme physics mode (even if you don't have a Ageia Physx Card)

    Just add these lines:

    <tweak parameter="force_hardware_effects" value="1" level="XXXXXX" />

    <tweak parameter="min_physics_quality" value="1" level="XXXXXX" />

    Now remember this is only a preview, I don't know if any one has done this (Wind effects, forcing the physics effect using this method) before. However, I am sure that no one has done what is to come, that is to add destroyable entities such as guard towers and trees.

    ill be back tomorrow with the full mod.

  2. I don't know if you have seen, or care about it, but I succeeded in unlocking the Ageia Island mission without having a PPU. Since then Ive been testing my way trough editing the missions, I succeeded in moding some of the campaign missions with those special effects from Ageia Island (destroyable trees, watch towers etc) and right now I am thinking of making a mod that will enable all of these effects in the normal missions.

    Now to the question, what would happen if the dam blew up in that campaign mission (Code Farallon) ? I don't know how the GRAW 2 engine is built, and how it treats fluids. The Ageia Physx has support for fluid calculations. So would the game engine automatically make the water flow down? Or would it stand up like a wall?

    Is it possible to create a script that will make the water in the game behave like real-world water? How about foam and draft? For example if an entity, lets say a helicopter was in the way, would it be possible to create a script that will make the water take the helicopter with it? Or would I have to create an animation so it would look like the water took the helicopter with it?

    EDIT: Or is the water only a textured block?

    Btw,Grin Team: suveränt spel ! fortsätt så.

  3. Ok, for those of you who die, I think it has to do with framerate. Setting the video settings to lowest possible allowed me to play the ageia island.

    I also have good news, I succeeded in enabling the Ageia Island effects in the normal campaign missions, bad news is thats its a major work to do so as you have to change all the files to be loaded, and you also have to edit the level itself. Ill try to make some mod that will allow you to play the missions with these additional effects, but it might take some time.

    Im not sure its going to work completely, only some part seem to work, so don't jump in the air quite yet.

  4. I bought GRAW2 on Saturday last week and finished it the same day, what a good game !

    And then I wanted to check out that Ageia Island so I googled up if there was a way to unlock it, and I found this forum.

    Unfortunately you hadn't found a way so I had to pass 15 minutes finding out how to unlock it, and it was really easy.

    I don't know how it is for vista users, but Windows XP users go to:

    C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter2\Data\levels\ageia_bonus_mission

    and edit: world_info.xml

    now the second line should be like this:

    <world_info path="/data/levels/common/campaign_settings.xml" name="mission" mission_time="day" ageia_collision="true">

    Now to unlock the ageia island the only thing you need to do is change ageia_collision="true" to ageia_collision="false"

    Start the game, and Ageia Island will be unlocked.

    Now to the bad news, I was running in on my Dell E1705 notebook (Dual Core T7200 2.00GHz, 4MB Cache, 2GB Ram, 7900GTX 512MB) and it lagged very much. And theres even more bad news, you get on to the island via a chopper, and oddly enough you fall and die directly. Is there any god mode for Graw 2? Ive tried with a trainer (Black ops armor) but it didn't help really much.

    It has been reported that some users don't die while using this mode, while others do. I don't know why.

    Next thing I am going to try is adding ageia_collision="true" to the other missions, I tried it before launching the mission, and it took ages to load, actually it never loaded completely. Ill try adding that line while in game..

    For those of you who have only a quick.bundle archive in the DATA Directory do the following:

    Download this reader: http://www.ghostrecon.net/files2/in...act=view&id=323

    (I know it says it for Graw 1 in the description, but it will work just as well)

    Open bundlereader.exe, open bundle (choose your quick.bundle) it will load it, and extract node.

    (Just extract the data folder and put the files inside your already existing data folder) move the quick.bundle file to some other place, otherwise the game will load it as default and will not load the edited files.

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