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  1. i have been trying to find a good 3ds marine but no luck so far i have also emailed the original maker of the UT model and asked about me using the charecter. As sleeper said once there is one model made i will only need to re-skin it for the different chapters. Thanks for the offer from =MM= Shadow that would be fantastic if you could help So where have all the modders gone then?
  2. iv been posting for ages now but nobody realy takes much notice i have been trying to convert some UT files to GR format. i found these space marine characters on a UT site and i realy want to convert them to GR i think they would be great, i know it can be done because unreal recon was made that way, i just dont know how to do it my self so im asking for any info or help on doing it. i have some gret ideas for a full mod but i just want to get the character out the way first. here is a pic of the UT model... the files can be found at cafe napali under warhammer40k v2 at the bottom of the page
  3. i agree i think the mod should have to stick to the main basic weapons like the boltgun and rocket lancher, maybe have a look at trying to make a flame thrower and with only basic characters, space marines vs eldar for instance the mod doesnt have to contain evrything oh and the rino has to be in it though i love that tank
  4. Hi peeps im a bit new to the modding game but i have some ideas for a mod, i found a character for UT on the net of a space marine and thought it would be great. any of you who have heard of warhammer40k will know how huge it is and i think it would be perfect for a mod because there is a range of characters, tanks, personell carriers, weapons even storylines already made out there is endless possibalitys with it. sorry i kinda chat on a bit lol, here are some pics of what the forces look like oh and here is the character i found for UT... the files can be found at cafe napali under warhammer40k v2 at the bottom of the page Kinda cool huh...
  5. in fact here are some more pics of there tanks and heavy weaponry
  6. i have already got that and i loved it but its just not warhammer i think the space marines would look great in gr because there are a thought up fighting unit not just a bunch of suped up untraind killers. the marines in 40k are like a real army force from the future, if i was to get into more detail i could show you thair heavy armour, differnt squads, transport weapons and so on
  7. Hi ppl its mag ere, i have been looking around the web for a warhammer space marine skin to use in gr (because i cant use 3dms to make my own ) and the only thing i have been able to find id this great model for Unreal Tournament. i downloaded the files for it i just dont know how to convert to gr i was wondering if any of you great modders out there would be able to help? the files can be found at cafe napali under warhammer40k v2 at the bottom of the page
  8. i installed the new driver and it works great much more stable even my fraps have incresed thanx for the help
  9. im just downloading the files now i will tell you the outcome soon thanx for the help hope this works lol
  10. should i get the 43.45's or the older ones?
  11. i have a Nvida TNT2 graphics card and i think a creative soundblaster sound card. i only updated the graphics card when i installed 2k. where could i download the 29.42's ???. sorr i dont rly know much about computers lol
  12. iv updated my vidio card but i havnt done my sound card yet i didnt know how lol i will have a better look and c what i can do only thing is i dont know what sound card i have, do you know how i could find out?
  13. since i have installed win 2k gr has had a few problems, most of them i have fixed but one problem i still have is that when i play some levels with rain or snow and sometimes without the game crashes rendering the whole computer useless so i have to hard boot it. Has ne1 got ne ideas why this happens. I dont think its my hardware because 98 worked great it never crashed. i have ds installed and patches 1-3.
  14. iv been trying to find out why some gins have been making bird sounds when i fire them. I have tried to change the sound options in the game but that does nothing so im kinda stuck. Ne 1 think they know how to help cos its kinda annoying
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