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  1. Apparently it has to do with a combination of CPU speed, connection speed/stability and map size. But as earlier stated, it's being worked on.

    With all due respect Wolfsong, this post is not accurate in my humble opinion. The only common link is when GameSpy is in the loop. Whenever we leave GameSpy out of the loop and create a LAN only Coop Mission server, it works just fine. Only when you sign into GameSpy there is an issue. Like the many other issues there is with using GameSpy. You may revert back to connection speed, but I am connection via a full business T1 line and have friends with even faster connections and the same symptoms (GameSpy).

    As you had suggested in another thread I tried to find a forum that UBI reads and will respond to concerning GRAW 2 and wasn't able to find one to request that the direct IP connection feature be restored in the game like it used to be with the [Ghost Recon]. Would GRIN please be kind enough to mention this to UBI in a future meeting or in another manner then post back their response? If GRIN letting them know the GRAW 2 community is requesting this feature is not a viable option, could you please post a link to a forum or email that they do monitor and respond to so we can make this request ourselves?

    I realize that the 80 some extra sales that would be generated by our XRW Team are rather small peanuts in the grand scheme of things. However UBI may find a whole lot of other Teams like ours jumping back on their band wagon if they didn't need to deal with GameSpy issues all the time and could run a direct connect server. Let's go back to the old CD in the drive authentication scheme, or even setup an authentication server or servers if Piracy is the underlying issue. I somehow doubt that it's a contractual issue with GameSpy since there are so many other games on the shelf that offer both direct IP and/or GameSpy methods of hosting.

    [Edit: Post removed from Bug Report and moved to Tech support "discussion" thread]

  2. GRIN, we want our direct IP server connection back! If this is out of the question please let a GRIN employee state why this is not an option.
    I suggest asking UBI for the feature, they still own the game and they handle the contracts, with GameSpy for example.

    The last several times I've waited for an official response from the UBI forum, it never came. I suppose I could give this one more shot and see if anything has changed. However my quess it that they may be more inclined to listen to GRIN saying people are requesting this rather than us end users. About the contractual issues, I know of several games that use both direct IP & GameSpy. I find it hard to believe this would be a contractual issue rather than just a Anti Piracy precaution.

    Sleepdoc, using Hamachi is not about just people you trust. Anyone can get a networking virus without knowing it. I got one through a Several layers of Firewall and AV. Hamachi VPN is just not a safe way to connect for gaming no matter how you slice it.

  3. I would like to elaborate a little about something that I mentioned in my post about VPN connections to your Network. I realize some people here probably have forgot more than I know and don't need to read this, but some also have no idea what they risking with VPN connections. VPN connections of any kind can cause security holes if not properly managed.

    Anytime you create a VPN connection with others you are taking a chance that a network propagating virus or trojan will be spread to all computers connected to the VPN network. Secondly many of the files you have on your system may or may not be visable to others that are on the VPN network. I own a web hosting business and was recently hit by a network propagating virus. I can assure you it was serious business and really hard to isolate and fix especially while keeping it isolating it from the other not yet infected machines. The ammount of time it took to fix it and the downtime for our clients was way over the top. It would be hard to put the nightmare into words/ Other than saying that my wife and I had no Chrismas or New Years because we were still cleaning up the damage that began on Dec 12th.

    My suggestion would be that if you really want to do it this way, make sure you have a way to restrict visitors to a read only connection to the game directory only. Having nver used Hamachi makes it impossible for me to offer much advise on it. However I do know and understand VPN concepts the way that Windows is supposed to handle that type of connection. Using the Windows VPN connections you can limit access via groups etc and can either deny or allow a group to read only or read/write access to areas of you hard drive. Anytime they can write anywhere on your hard drive you are opening up Pandora's box. I've studied Hamachi for a brief period of time via internet searches and haven't seen this issue being addresses in anything I've read so far. Also if you're using the free version of the software you are really limiting your options. At least with the paid versions you have some controls that will at least allow you to revoke a persons access if you find they are becoming a problem. Also the free version is limited to only 16 concurent connections at one time and 64 accounts. That limitation is not enough for our team and nowhere near enough for the ammount of friends we have that will be playing with us.

    GRIN, we want our direct IP server connection back! If this is out of the question please let a GRIN employee state why this is not an option. If this is not possible and GRIN is not considering adding this functionality, perhaps XRW with at least 80 + active members and many friends may be still waiting for something that will better suit our needs. As our guild leader I am reluctant to recomend anything that is going to cause as much frustration as it will fun for our people. We can just as easily just go back to playing BF 2142 and WoW until we do get something else we can play, host (without GameSpy) and enjoy. I can tell you right now, none of us appreciate the GameSpy hassles that are being forced on us at this time. If GRIN has a logical reason and that is all we get I will try hosting a server through GameSpy, but if it keeps crashing and people are having issues with accounts etc, it will be only a very brief try. I am getting way to old to spend my time helping people get their game working and getting their GameSpy account setup or even working again. Direct IP is the only way to play, less excess broadcast traffic overhead, not dependant on a third party and more granular control over who gets into or removed from your server. With a direct connect server I can get rid of the cheaters, including their subnet of IP addresses, their ISP, and/or even the country they connect from if I really wanted to and allow only our friends that we approve.

  4. XRW is just now starting to test GRAW 2 and decide if we will all get it and setup a dedicated server once again. We had tested GRAW and decided against it, however it seems that GRIN is working with the community and GRAW 2 is looking pretty good. This thread got my attention because those of our team that have the game right now would prefer online missions for a while until we get back into the GR way of thinking and out of the World of Warcraft frame of mind. We are feeling even better about GRAW 2 after seeing GRIN interact and working to solve this issue :)

    Anyway, my real question is why is there not a way to connect via direct IP like the original GR? Many of us hate GameSpy and would rather not deal with it. Direct IP is how XRW has had our GR server setup for many years and it was always full of people and way more dependable than using GameSpy. Forgive me if this is too far off topic or I've not found the proper thread for this topic, but is there anyway you can give us that direct IP connection option again GRIN? My guess is that without GameSpy this loading time might not be an issue anyway. There are ways to work around the lack direct IP connection limitations imposed by setting up a VPN with Hamachi or just setting up the game on a VPN server then creating a LAN server. However the possible security risks of allowing a networking virus to propagate or exploitation of data is much greater if things are done in this manner. Why not just give us the functionality we should of had to begin with? Most all other games have this option, but perhaps this is part of your anti piracy solution. If so I would rather go back to needing to have the CD in the drive to run the game.

    How many 0thers would be interested in this feature? It's easy to put your server IP on your web site and only have friends that know about your site joining rather than anyone with a GameSpy account. For those that are thinking it, yes I know there is a password option, but that still doesn't solve other Gamespy related issues. Those that prefer GameSpy could still use that option if they wanted to, those that don't wouldn't be forced to use it. :wall:

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