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  1. So what's the year going to be this time? 2023? 2030? Clueless morons. Just give me realistic missions and a damned M4A1 with an ACOG and suppressor. And a ####ing BOONIE HAT. And get that idiot general and news feeds out of my face, get the hell off the coms while I'm 100 miles behind enemy lines, and keep your shorts on.......I'll get to the extraction zone when I get there.
  2. What about reading into the direction both GR and R6 series ever since GR2 xbox and R6 vegas? I hear all the time, from casual shooter fans, that a game shouldn't be too realistic at the expense of "fun". It's ironic these same people fail to see that taking GR into a futuristic hi-tech standard infantry setting erodes almost all of the type of gameplay that made the game so great in the first place. GR is special forces "deep inside enemy lines. Tip of the spear" and all that. It's just your squad vs the enemy and the terrain, having to make instant decisions as UNFORESEEN challenges arise. But now we are told when and where to go, exactly what is there, and who is around every corner; and worst of all this is all done very much in Hollywood fashion. Thankfully there are other titles out now so I don't have to get as worked up about the "GR:star trek" series anymore.
  3. FPWV. Same view I have in real life. And yes, even with the inherent limited peripheral view. Anything else = zero immersion for me. Moving the view to parrot view or remote control puppet view is too high a cost for expanded field of view. Can't see everything at once? That's what you have a fireteam for.
  4. I've always found pc gaming online discouraging. People spread out across multiple clients, and the whole time I'm playing I feel like if I blink wrong I'll be dropped. As bad as console games are vs the pc versions, you gotta love xboxlive.
  5. Yeah I have to agree with you. And I really feel it because unless I'm in certain CQB situations I normally use single shot. I have had much success doubletapping them - try that it works great.
  6. I don't know of any realism mods other than an A.I. "improvement" mod. I haven't tried it. The last thing I want is another AI mod that turns a perfectly realistic experience into a really hard video game. I play on the setting just before "hardcore". I don't use hardcore because it's freakin stupid as hell to eliminate EVERYTHING from the hud. There are some hud elements necessary to compensate for the fact that you're playing on a computer as apposed to using all your senses. Mainly I just need the team member icons. The good thing is that different difficulty settings do NOT change A.I. at all. Finally someone realized they need to keep the AI consistant. I've only d'loaded about 10 missions. I like Hydra, Olympic, Hunting the East Wind. But most of the time I'm in the editor. More modders are now discovering all kinds of ways to make things as random as possible. There are some incredible missions coming our way to be sure.
  7. I just realized in the 6 weeks or whatever it's been since DR's release, I haven't felt compelled once to discuss any realism issues. There are none to speak of, unless you expect an all out simulation at this price. I've been let down by one particular publisher game after game, year after year, and now to finally be playing a no-nonsense realistic game - which I've longed for since GR1 - is so nice! Granted I'm refering to addon missions, not the default campaign, so of course for best realistic campaign GR is still king. My point is it's just nice to finally be rid of the burden of having to dwell in thread after thread discussing realism, or lack thereof.
  8. I searched the CM forum about the patrolling / walking and found no answers. Yet as several people pointed out, the devs manage to get the AI to walk in the original missions. It's a real eyesore in those situations where they should indeed be walking. One would think this should be a very simple fix, or at least something CM would post in there own forum how to do, if it is in fact already possible. There are dozens of threads on this with no official response that I've seen : (
  9. True. I use simple scripts for basic structure and efficiency, i.e. spawning/despawning AI and vehicles when appropriate, instead of having everything active at once for no reason. Less chance of framerate loss and stutters. The most important thingto learn IMO is how to make as many things random as possible. I hate knowing where and when something will happen, or where someone will be, every time I play a mission. That's just as bad as having a linear map. If I'm not mistaken, it seems just about everything can be made random, even the location of objectives, or even whether A.I. or objects will spawn at all. This could facilitate something much like the Mission HX mod. Maybe not exactly, but at least we could have individual missions that are extremely random.
  10. Did you know someone has made some race/rally mods? I LMAO when I saw that. link please I haven't tried them, but you can d'load them here. There are individual "circuits" and also he has combined them into a map pack for all in one d'load: ofphq.com/downloads
  11. I MUST start recording my sessions. Just seconds after dismounting a heli I gave the "follow me" order then heard a gutwrenching PPPFTH to my left and Pvt whatshisname was GONE. I had to pause the game I was laughing so hard, it's all I could do it was just so outrageously brutal Remember, just like in school, always always walk around the FRONT of the bus.
  12. Sniping, the actual shooting part, is great fun because of the realistic physics, especially a moving target. 1 shot 1 kill feels more rewarding than in GR.
  13. Yes it's nearly impossible to locate a fallen mate or enemy in the tall grass. It's a glaring example of the limitation of FPV, or the limitations of a display monitor in general, compared to what you can actually see in reality. mig you must try some addon missions asap! Most of them are extremely ghost Recon-like. BTW I'm spending more time in the editor than in game. Talented GR modders (not me) will do great things with this editor, it's awesome, as far as mission creation.
  14. If the creator includes the .mssn file. Most peple don't include it. I don't know if there's any other way to edit the mission script. One of the XMLs maybe?
  15. Always leave it up to the player. More replay value. Using the weapons of your choice allows you to play the mission a variety of ways, if like me, you play according to the role dictated by your gear. Precisely my point.
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