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  1. Does anyone know of any adapters to allow mouse to control aiming on GRAW 2. Seems to be the obvious way as I am getting sooo frustrated with the sluggish 360 controller!!!!!!!! Cheers...
  2. At least i may get new one with HDMI port!!!!!! such is life! lol Problem fixed!!! I had saved my game in the campaign mode just after a cut scene had glitched badly and froze. Once I wiped my save game from the hard drive - no more problems! Why this would affect multiplayer online I have no idea - WEIRD!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Ive started getting my 360 freezing up when I try to start a multiplayer mode. Loading screen appears, then stops then sound goes. Have to reset console. Other games seem ok. It even started doing this in campaign mode. Any ideas??? I dont want a second bout of the four red lights!!!!!!!! Thanks, Mutley
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