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  1. Thanks DT, I checked out eloso's excellent igor tutorial which answered a ton of questions for me. I pretty much understand everything (the basics) now except scripting, that's a whole other level, wow.
  2. ok I just need to figure out that editor. All I want is some of the weapon sounds for my own use, not for uploading. Thanks
  3. I checked the actor files for any references to the MP1, mp2 attatchments but there is none. I think when you increase the armor in the actor file you will have additional packs and armor added to the soldier automatically somehow, and sometimes it seems the wrong set (mp1/mp2) is used. I don't know, just guessing.
  4. I found some RvS sounds I want to use in GR, but the .uax format has me stumped. It seems each .uax contains individual sound files, and those are the ones I want to use.
  5. As you know, the gear you see on the soldiers increases as you raise the body armor, but sometimes this doesn't look right if you have vests or additional armor as part of the model. How can I raise armor to 2 or 3 without the additional gear appearing in game?
  6. When characters are using the desert camo, a lot of times the attatchments that are added with armor (level 2 and 3 armor) are wooded or jungle camo. Is this normal or can I edit something and correct it?
  7. Thanks D. I had d'loaded one of the utils but zonealarm gave me some "known malicious" warning, don't remember the exact message. Manually is no prob, just takes a few seconds.
  8. Where do you manage mods without using a utility or starting/closing/starting GR?
  9. thanks for the info Bret. What I was after was mainly a more desert camo than the default. After starting this thread I discovered the additional camos within the game and have since started using the desert one (can't recall the name). It looks good enough to make me happy. Now if I could just replace the starship trooper helmets with some #### boonie hats I would be thrilled.
  10. That, my friend, is because COD4 is so utterly scripted and linear there is practically NO strain on the CPU at all. Very simply, the CPU is not being tasked to compute and process anything but geometry. That's why games that lean toward simulation always more or less have graphics that leave something to be desired, because there has to be some compromise to allow the CPU to process A.I, environments, etc etc.
  11. What gets me is that people who don't blame GRIN (like me) won't buy a graw3 because "graw" is not the type of game GR should be, which is easily the most legitimate complaint of all, while other people complain about ............draw distance?!! Draw distance?!! LOL I don't play MP so there are issues I'm not aware of to be sure, but I don't consider graw and graw2 crap, per se. My reason for not buying GRAW2 (got it free) and having no interest in a GRAW3 is that the game loses too much GR gameplay and feel with all that future soldier gizmology. Oh, and I voted "no" although I don't like the tag "been there done that". That is not my reason. After all, I could say been there done that in reference to GR, but I'd buy an upgraded version of THAT in a heartbeat, or better yet, a properly evolved addition to the series, not another departure as we have now.
  12. That is THE most important factor to me, as a SP/co-op player. To be honest graw2 gameplay itself is quite good, lots of tac elements, but the outrageously overbearing and cheezy storyline is just pounded constantly into your skull by that ******* narcom thing. Look. When I start the game, and the opening movies and logos are done, that's the last I want to see or hear from "the game". When I get off that helo and my boots hit the ground, L E A V E . . . M E . . . A L O N E
  13. Haha that was going to be my next question, what does "reconcile" do? I was affraid to click it until I learned what would happen. So it will actually add everything needed for the wav into the .xml then all I need to do is modify the values. I'm also not sure what "Min" does, but I'm pretty sure "Rolloff" effects the distance your sound is heard by A.I.?
  14. What is the "Length" info used for? How crucial is it to be exact? The values are entered to the thousandth (.001) but my editor only shows up to tenths. Does this effect the sound in game or is it just a reference for the game to choose sounds?
  15. how do you set the speed these guys turn and shoot? I've been playing Centcom a lot and it seems like they actually turn like humans, not superhumans like the stock game. Is this an actor or a weapon issue?
  16. Yes I have created kits for them too. It's just for SP. I see what doubletap was saying and I have fixed that (thanks DT), now some of the new kits are showing up properly, but there's something causing a crash if I add certain ones. I will need to add one at a time until I find the problem. What I'm doing exactly is adding a new ACOG set of M4s to the M4sopmod mod I installed, using one of Ingeloops rets. But I don't want to lose any of the existing kits, so I made copies of the .GUN files and kits for all the M4_reflex only, and renamed the copied ones for the ACOG, then edited the files to use the new rets. So far my problems have been due to typos and misplaced strings. To make things more confusing, I had also added the m4sopmod to Centcom, so it's a big can of worms at the moment.
  17. Not at all. And now I'm even more confused, because the kits in my rifleman folder are NOT using the xxx.gun files that are in the game! They are still using the files I had renamed to "m4sd_acog.gun" I may have to delete everything and start all over. I should have worked with ONE weapon until I got it right, but it looked so easy I did about 8 at one time, plus all the kits. I really doubt any of this makes sense to anyone because it's such a mess, plus it's hard for me to describe because I'm so lost. I'm just gonna start over, #####!
  18. For some reason after adding the new weapons to the strings, they don't show up in game. The only way I'm seeing anything in game is by modifying an existing xxx.gun, not by adding a new one. For example if I take an existing "m4sd.gun" and keep that name I can make any changes to the ret or whatever and give it a new name in strings and everything is good. But if I make a copy of "m4sd.gun", do the same changes (rets, etc) then give it a new name, "m4sd_acog.gun", it won't show in the game. Original entry: "WPN_m4sd" "M4 SD" New entry which works: "WPN_m4sd" <-----unchanged "M4 SD ACOG" New entry which won't work: "WPN_m4sd_acog" <-------new .gun name "M4 SD ACOG"
  19. In the weapon kits on the loadout screen, where is the game getting the weapon and item names from? EDIT: okay I found them in the "strings" file.
  20. I looked at the link Dannik posted, I know it says "free way to edit RSB", but the tools are for DDS. Maybe they will handle RSB also, I'll try.
  21. Check this http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=42948 , may help you. That thread is about dds files (graw). Would those same tools work for rsb too? I have an app called DXTBmp that allows me to work with dds files including the alpha. Basically it allows you to send the image or alpha to your paint prog for editing. But it doesn't recognize rsb.
  22. Disregard, I did another search and found some older topics that answered my question. Basically the answer is 3dsm. $3000+ . . . . . i don't think so . . .
  23. I think there are some freeware progs that might work, like Gimp, I'll look into those. No way I'm buying PS or a new PSP just to edit a few rsb textures.
  24. I'm still unable to edit any files containg an alpha. I'm using PSP7 with the rsb plug-in off the GRIT disk. PSP will open the file, but for example, looking at a ret.rsb all I see is the black alpha. If I try to save as .rsb it says alpha won't be saved due to limitations of the format; if I click "yes" to save anyway I get a general protection fault and PSP crashes. So far the files that have been uneditable are the nvmaskalpha, all my rets, and weapon kit avatars.
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