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  1. Yeah I recently d'loaded a set which are in jpg format. I can't remember who made it though.
  2. I noticed most mods have the same number of .atrs for each soldier type that the default GR has: rifleman=76, demo=59, etc etc. Is there any reason I can't use fewer? Like only 40 .atrs for each actor type? I only have about 25 different faces, so after that it's just the same soldiers being recycled anyway so it's not like I would be losing any variety with fewer .atrs.
  3. Thanks ! I tried just editing the <WeaponMotionType>2</WeaponMotionType> but it replaced my nice custom rets with the default full screen crosshairs As for the mask, I can probably find one in one of the mods I have installed, I've seen this effect a few times playing centcom and NED. The main thing I'm concerned with is how to get this effect without losing my good rets.
  4. How do I add a scope effect to my zoomed view, so everything outside the ret goes black?
  5. They're like locusts. Moving from game to game, lol.
  6. The complicated part is setting up your text docs for faces and names, other than that the actor util is a breeze; I'm having as much fun with that stuff as I do playing the game. It's addictive. I also got an amazing batch/file/text editor thingamajig which can do multiple file renaming and text replacing.
  7. It's not such a dumb question if the answer was yes, right? 'Cause then you wouldn't need to use another app, so that would've been good to know if it was possible. And I get no sound with FRAPS either, but I have the free version, I don't know if that's why. I don't think so. The free version has a time limit (?) and that "FRAPS" label on the screen but there should be sound.
  8. Thanks wombat, I've been using Mike's program, actually I can't imagine not using it, you would have to do hex editing I think. Between this program and BjB's actor generator there's really almost no work at all left for us. I'm very grateful for these guys' work. To be honest, I have played with the actor generator, just to learn how to use it, but I have not used it to actually do a complete ATR set for a mod. I bet that would eliminate any confusion I have been having. I really need to do that at least once before I become any more confused. Update: the actor generator worked like a charm, including all the IT/DS tags which I could not get to work. No more notepad for me, lol.
  9. Thanks for the info!! The only thing that continues to puzzle me is why adding the <desert> tag causes my desert character to NOT be used, but when I remove the tag the desert skins are enabled as they should be. For example all I need is: <ModelName>ica_us_rifleman.chr</ModelName> <LOD2>ica_us_rifleman_a.chr</LOD2> <LOD3>ica_us_rifleman_b.chr</LOD3> then everything is okay. If I add: <DesertLOD1>ica_us_rifleman_desert.chr</DesertLOD1> <DesertLOD2>ica_us_rifleman_a_desert.chr</DesertLOD2> <DesertLOD3>ica_us_rifleman_b_desert.chr</DesertLOD3> then I only see the default woodland camo in all maps, and my _desert.chr files are not used.
  10. This is related to the .chr issue I was having. I put together a rifleman mod with _desert variations from "rifleman_desert" to _rifleman05_desert", for six different combinations, distributed through 76 ATRs. Everything seemed in order but only the 1st variation was being used by all ATRs, and it was being referenced by the default tag: <ModelName>ica_us_rifleman.chr</ModelName> <LOD2>ica_us_rifleman_a.chr</LOD2> <LOD3>ica_us_rifleman_b.chr</LOD3> All my desert sections in the ATRs (_rifleman01 thru 05)were being ignored..... <DesertLOD1>ica_us_rifleman02_desert.chr</DesertLOD1> <DesertLOD2>ica_us_rifleman02_a_desert.chr</DesertLOD2> <DesertLOD3>ica_us_rifleman02_b_desert.chr</DesertLOD3> Once I removed the <Desert> sections from all ATRs, the game started using all the desert01 through desert05 variations. So with only the base tag <ModelName\> all my desert and jungle skins work properly. I'm glad I got it to work, but what the ?????
  11. Thanks for the help! I finally see what you're saying. I took another look at the Frostbite .chrs and now I see they are just using "_snow" as part of the file name, nothing more. I didn't look closely enough to realize it was not being used the same way as _desert and _cuba. That had me very confused.
  12. Thanks Niccola, I became curious when I saw "xxx_snow.chrs" in Frostbite, and also I've seen some .env files with <night>1</night>. I was going to work on some night skins but I don't know if it's worth losing my jungle camos just for a few night maps. It's not just the camo I'm worried about losing, I like the boonies, bandanas, and ghillie suits on jungle maps. What is the Night tag used for in the .env? I thought I read somewhere that it doesn't actually affect anything.
  13. Are we able to designate a night .chr for night maps, just like we do for jungle and desert? There is a tag for "snow" too isn't there?
  14. How limiting is skinning for graw2? Are we limited to just altering the base color? I wonder how closely they could be made to look like Delta? There's a nice set someone did for graw1 that gives them solid black vests, and with the right camo they look pretty darn close to delta. Close enough to let your imagination fill in the blanks.
  15. LOL, it's a decoy. Or phsyc warfare tactics: if you were Abdul the market bomber would you fight that guy? BTW I play that mod all the time (Delta) and that's a nice screen but in 3D you can REALLY see the incredible detail in those models and skins. Best I have seen. The models look meticulously detailed for those textures and it makes all the difference. It's a real high quality mod.
  16. That's what I would think, but then there are mods which have only the basic tags like <ModelName>xxx.chr</ModelName> <LOD2>xxx_a.chr</LOD2> <LOD3>xxx_b.chr</LOD3> and their desert/jungle skins work with those maps as they should. I just tried Bajabravo's actor generator and there's an option for creating the IT/DS tags, so I'm just going to include them and forget about it. As long as everything works, that's the main thing.
  17. I think I'm being misunderstood. I noticed some .atrs look like this: <ModelName>xxx.chr</ModelName> <LOD2>xxx_a.chr</LOD2> <LOD3>xxx_b.chr</LOD3> and some like this: <ModelName>xxx.chr</ModelName> <LOD2>xxx_a.chr</LOD2> <LOD3>xxx_b.chr</LOD3> <DesertLOD1>xxx.chr</DesertLOD1> <DesertLOD2>xxx_a.chr</DesertLOD2> <DesertLOD3>xxx_b.chr</DesertLOD3> I was wondering why some mods include the <desert/> tag. Most do not have this, for example Centcom, Navy SEALs mods do not, but others do. Either way, they all use the appropriate skins for wood/jungle/desert, because they have the required _cuba.chrs and _desert.chrs.
  18. hold on, we have one group saying graw2 is a good game (although not a GR game), and another group saying they cut corners and it's not a good game! ?? My opinion is, as Strike stated in the original post, it's a good game, but should not even be called GR. I'm kind of disapointed in all the complaints about bugs and shortcuts when the REAL problem is the departure from the award-winning gameplay that has kept us around for 5 years. I'm not saying bugs should not be discussed, I just think the departure from the core gameplay is many times more alarming.
  19. Really? I find that the game does that automatically, with the atr like this: <ModelName>ica_us_rifleman.chr</ModelName> <LOD2>ica_us_rifleman_a.chr</LOD2> <LOD3>ica_us_rifleman_b.chr</LOD3> as long as you have the required .chrs: _cuba _desert
  20. I was wrong, increasing armor level in the atr does not affect what you see in the game, it was just my imagination. After working a bit with it I realized it's just the way the models are.
  21. I've been looking at some tutorials and I'm not getting the reason for three .chrs of the same file: demolition_desert.chr demolition_desert_a.chr demolition_desert_b.chr I don't know what the _a and _b ones are for. I have put together my own skins set and I just realized all this time I've been using just the one chr: <ModelName>demolition.chr</ModelName> <LOD2>demolition.chr</LOD2> <LOD3>demolition.chr</LOD3> Also, why does DS (MP1) use a separate <desert> section for D_Jodit? I noticed some mods does this too, yet some don't: <ModelName>eritrean_specialist.chr</ModelName> <LOD2>eritrean_specialist_a.chr</LOD2> <LOD3>eritrean_specialist_b.chr</LOD3> <DesertLOD1>eritrean_specialist.chr</DesertLOD1> <DesertLOD2>eritrean_specialist_a.chr</DesertLOD2> <DesertLOD3>eritrean_specialist_b.chr</DesertLOD3> Thanks to anyone who wants to tackle this one
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