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  1. when you're using TS do you still use the game's default MP UI to search/join servers? I'm assuming the servers I see now (I'm not using TS) are only other gamers who are also using the built in voice ?
  2. Thanks for the advice everyone. I went ahead and got the game, just installed it last night. To answer my own question, yes it looks like both versions have identical campaigns and gameplay. But of course the editor and mods will make this many times better than console.
  3. Does the game have voice built in? Is there a need for teamspeak or xfire also? I'm looking to play some co-op but I have no idea how to get voice set up. I installed TS a long time ago but have never used it.
  4. Thank you guys, I worded my question poorly though. What I meant was are the campaign missions identical? On the console version I played (up to mission #6) the objectives are given to you in a way that you basically have to play each mission one way, same way, every time. It's like Go here, now go there, hurry and eliminate these guys or mission scrub, etc etc. I was expecting more control over the game, less control of the game over me. If the pc is the identical gameplay I'll have to pass for now. Maybe I'll get it later when there are more co-op mods.
  5. Can anyone confirm yet what differences if any there are between the 360 and pc game? I googled but found nothing but a few vague opinions. I need facts before I buy. I played my roommates 360 version and if the pc is identical I might go with Arma2 instead. p.s. no OFPDR vs Arma2 debate please, lol.
  6. That worked, thanks! For some reason I can run EAX in GRAW 2 and Brettz sounds work fine, but not in GRAW 1.
  7. LMAO @ the guy on the steps Happy Bday man! Kinda looks a lot like halo gamelpay though, just different textures and no jumping. I take it you guys aren't into realistic tactics and all that boring stuff, lol?
  8. I need some help with the weapon sounds. The echo after each shot makes a swirling sound that bleeds into subsequent shots and doesn't sound right. It sounds like I'm shooting in a tiny metal room. What I hear are shots that instead of going "POP" they sound like "TWANG". I thought it was probably my hardware but I have recently built a new rig, totally different hardware, and it does the same thing. I tried using the scar556 sound with the mod and it sounds like it should. I've also reinstalled the mod but still hear the same thing. I'm not having any problems with the graw2 mod.
  9. Thanks Brett! So my changes will take effect even though those sections of the xml are commented out (greyed out)?
  10. How would I make it so the bad guys use only the weapons I want them to? Is this a weapon mod or would it be edited elsewhere? Basically I want them to not use the M416 and M8.
  11. Can players communicate in the same room if not everyone has the same voice client? And my second question, which one are most people using for GR these days? (I haven't played any co-op since 2005.)
  12. To be honest I'm repeatedly disturbed and disapointed to see COD and GR in the same sentence. COD has always been a chaoitic, grand "cinamatic experience", and painfully linear and entirely scripted. GR should be none of these things, and the only similarities should be that they are both based on military combat. As far as I'm concerned COD and GR should be as comparable as basketball and hockey. BTW, Vegas2 kept the tactical element? So are you saying it's nothing like Vegas1? lol
  13. I was afraid to download them because from what I saw in the default game (campaign and to a lesser extent co-op) I thought it would be a waste of money. I'll d'load them and check 'em out though. For what it's worth, I was not saying there's no reason to be optimistic, I was literally asking "is there any reason to be?", and your reply does indeed give some hope. I hope you're right about RSE, but I have every reason to be wary of Ubisoft. I'm not negative out of spite, I'm negative from watching helplessly as the GR series is intentionally transformed into something else entirely, as Ubisoft desparately chases a teen market rather than set the standard as they did with GR. I'm surprised the Silent Hunter sim continues to remain a pure sim with "Ubisoft" behind it. That alone is a tiny spark of hope for the GR series, I suppose.
  14. I don't even know what to say to that. As much as I don't like the pc version, I utterly hate the consol versions. Totally unplayable for me. I refuse to be directed from objective to objective by "command" or that idiot in the helo. The arcady hud all over my screen, scripted events and dialog throughout the entire campaign, and the inability to mod that crap out permanently (thank you for your nocom mod BTW !!). I also find the aiming in graw2 unbearable. You can't aim in small degrees, it's practically one speed, period, like you're moving the view with a button instead of an analog stick. There's no logic to the enemy AI behavior, they just remind me of those "punch the bouncing monkey" minigames. Just because an enemy zipping around is challenging to hit doesn't make it realistic in any way. I don't want to go off on a rant (too late?), this is really off topic. Back on topic I am certainly keeping an eye out for GR4 news but it's not that I'm looking forward to it, I already know it won't be something I will buy. It's more morbed curiosity than anything.
  15. I agree whole heartedly with the sentiments of my fellow GR mates, but that statement as it stands alone, I cannot agree with. The original game does need less of some things, but more importantly, it needed a whole lot more of some things, which I won't list because this is not a wish list thread. My point is it is I don't think it is constructive to demand the original game or nothing, because 1) that cry will fall on deaf ears, there is no way we are going to get that, and 2) as I said, there is much that needs to be added to improve the original........ (and no, kids, 3rd person view is not one of them, run along now.)
  16. That's fine with me, if they continue to depart from the original concept and core gameplay, they can take their PC version and ram it. I'll be perfectly happy to NOT buy yet another Ubi/Clancy title and spend all my time and money on Arma 2. I hate to be so negative, but at this point is there any reason AT ALL to be optimistic?
  17. Is there anything I can do or add to existing [GR] maps so that they are selectable in the Co-op list, with the option for A.I. squadmates? I usually play with AI instead of other people, because sadly, they are actually more realistic, lol. But the lack of maps really hurts.
  18. Is there anything I can do or add to existing [GR] maps so that they are selectable in the Co-op list, with the option for A.I. squadmates? I usually play with AI instead of other people, because sadly, they are actually more realistic, lol. But the lack of maps really hurts.
  19. Thank you gents. Actually I went ahead and included the _ni files in the local\english\levels folder so I could edit them the same as I did with the SP missions, to remove the narcom sound in co-op as well. So a mission folder looks like: ....\mission02 mission02.xml mission02_ni.xml
  20. After patching to 1.35, I noticed mission"ni" files in the patch.bundle. I have existing mission.xmls in my local folder which I have modded, should I replace them with these "ni" xmls and redo my mods using these?
  21. Place THIS mission01.xml in \....local\english\levels\mission01 folder. Thanks to Brettzies for showing me that.
  22. I followed the FAQ instructions for editing the ret color but it remains default. EDIT: disregard, updated to v1.35 and all is good now.
  23. What xml do I need to edit to change the default weapons for mission 1 ? I'd like to change it to Brettzies M4 instead of the scar.
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