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  1. I had this the other day. first the chopper for me was raising slowly, the one guy who was in did not see that and got out, it droped and he was fine we all managed to get in and move on. Next mission same thing except this time The chopper stayed on the ground for me and went up on someone else. Thats a messed bug if I ever saw one
  2. Ok is there any new info, updates, or anything new to speak of. I am disappointed this is till a issue and expected a fast fix, but this is just getting to be sad.
  3. BUT BUT o god i want it now, my floor has a hole in it, O god my head will explode soon, BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry but I had to do it
  4. Hawk I understand I was just getting to enjoy some of the maps. But I would rather have them take the time to correct it right then put someting out that may have a new bug. O i want it done right to, but hey no harm is asking if they have a idea of how long it will take. Since they have a idea of what the issue is now, then you could get a estimate to when you expect it to be completed. I am a computer person myself (programmer and systems analyst) so ya once you figure the problem out which is the hardest part and one you can never estimate a time on then its to fixing and testing and that you can generally get a feel or idea on length of time for a fix. Thats all I was looking for and hey can always hope its ready for the weekend
  5. Ok they know the problem thats GREAT, do you have any idea on how long until we see a fix for the issue ??? I would love to see one by the weekend as I want to try this game with my gaming group
  6. I am one of the guys in Buffs group and ya we actually started with the [Ghost Recon] including one of the guys making some amazing map/weapons packs for us. Then ya along came graw and we tried and it just was not there. Trying the GRAW2, picked it up yesterday and end up with this o so fun issue. Not great impressions.
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