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  1. Name: Lethal Brigade From: Multinational General Language: English Homepage: http://www.lethalbrigade.com GRAW 2 contact: Agrajag or Migs Voice Com: Ventrilo XFire: None Other games: COD4, COH, CS, Eve Servers: (2) GRAW 2 servers, 1 COD4 TDM, 1 COD4 DM, 1 COD4 Mod, CS
  2. Team Name: Xtreme Eagles Team Tags: =XE= Team Website: http://www.xtremeeagles.net Country: USA/Euro/Africa/Australia Team Contact: kopeah Contact Info: Email: royk [at] drhonk [dot] com Roster: =XE=Kopeah =XE=Specter =XE=Ice_blue =XE=Migs =XE=Hillside =XE=Avenger =XE=Grimm =XE=Frunkus =XE=VChez =XE=Nem3sis =XE=Merc =XE=Barad =XE=Amish =XE=Agrajag =XE=Sekai =XE=Merc =XE=Ashmore =XE=Barad =XE=Frunkus =XE=Cydone =XE=Kratos =XE=WOLF =XE=CavScout =XE=Assassin =XE=Fragman =XE=McChicken =XE=Kastlerok =XE=XtrlRulz
  3. Yupe .. is it going to be Thursday .. or 15th ?..
  4. XE is interested .. this is going to be fun.
  5. This is very interesting, I will inform xe graw2 division leader and the generals.
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