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  1. Well it appears that there is no remote control panel available at least from the lack of responses but thanks anyway
  2. I'm sure by now this has been asked is there a remote server manager utility available for GRAW 2 similar to the RCON used in COD4 ? So you don't have to hit the tilda button and run the server that way. I would have thought someone would have come up with some utility that you could D/L and install pur the IP in and put you user name and PW in and change the setting of the server. Any help would be appecaited. [Thread moved to GR:AW 2 - Server Operators forum]
  3. Ok I found out where I could D/L all the versions. But I found something out all the servers that are running the Dam map are running the first version LOL
  4. Well, that didnt do it I'm assuming that folks are running versions from 1 thru 7 with no idea which one is on the servers. I s there a location that all the different versions can be D/L?
  5. Attempting to enter Bull ring on XE server got his crash 3 times in a row the 4th attempt I got in. Unhandled exception - access violation C STACK: graw2 (???) : ??? Renderer: threaded Physics : threaded I do not have castle installed by itself
  6. WOW, didn't know that it was that far along is this the same as the snake pit maps? Thanks for the info.
  7. I need a little help here. I have downloaded the Day and night v3 of the coop dam map. I see servers on the server menu with coop dam. I attempt to enter the game but I get a message that it cant find the map. Is there another map pack or map not listed in the DL section? Thanks
  8. Lightspeed, thanks for all your efforts. I downloaded this last night but haven't installed it and it appears you are making changes. Are you going to patch those in or do we uninstall the old version and place the updated version in the folder? Thanks again from an [GR] Old Guy LOL
  9. I have heard the following sentiment when reading posts on the forums mind you not in this thread but after trying to see the servers in the server menu several time over I feel compelled to post this: You know I keep hearing well, this is not the first game to have problems. That still doesn't make it right. When GRAW came out I played the demo and never, repeat never bought the game that's how bad I thought the game was. We as consumers need to start putting some pressure on game manufactures. Everyone will say they will just pay more attention to the console market. Well guess what not purchasing games from a company such as UBI effects more that UBI. It's a snow ball effect just think of all the computer parts that don't get purchased to play the "enhanced graphics". We and, I say "we" cause I bought this ####$###%% game as well. We are Lemmings and the game companies know it as long as we put our hard earned dollars on the counter for subpar games the companies are going to continue to make them that way. Where is the incentive to make them better? There is none. Just look at the junk on the market. Yet we shell out 400.00 for state of the art video cards, 300 + for new mother boards, 400 for new ram, 400 for new monitors, just to keep up with what? A $50.00 game that can't even keep a server menu up and running. Sure Gamespy shares a part of the responsibility here but UBI made the hand shake and it's not any big secret about the track record of Gamespy dating back to GR. You may disagree with my thoughts but until we stop enabling the game companies this is what you will get.
  10. I would like to use your modded weapons and it appears from the read me file that they should work for multiplayer. I installed them in the local file and renamed the original english file as x_english and the modded weapons file as english. I went online and attempted to join a server. I got a message altered files cant join. Is there a work around for this? I checked the posts here I may have missed it. Or do I need to install them differently? Thanks
  11. Sorry I mistitled this it should be crashed computer Anyone experienced this problem? Start Mission 10 on Hard goes through the opening video, get to first save point. Mithcell dies early in the firefight so I resart the mission. Starts to go through the Mission 10 video Blackhawk flying over customs checkpoint. Then the screen turns black and my computer reboots. It did this several times using the load saved game option. So I just started from play mission selection and it didn't crash. I didn't look at the Windows error logs but I will and post them here when I get the info. My specs: AMD 64x2 4400 Asus A8N 32-SLI Deluxe 2 gig Kingston Hyper X 160 Seagate HD EVGA 7900 512 Video Card 620 W Enermax PSU Sony Opticals Windows XP SP2 Checked the windows dump file no errors listed
  12. Wow, you have twice the RAM I have. I would also point out that I had shut down my anti virus and I have cut down the number of processes for Windows to 18 so it's not like I have programs running in the background. Seems to me there maybe something to this. Any comments from the developers?
  13. I have a concern that I would like to get some feedback on. Last night I was playing in a Lan Campaign mode in a server that I had created. I was playing alone I noticed that as I got further into the campaign that the movements of my ghost started to get very jerky. So I alt-tabbed out and went into my Task Manager to look at the performance. I'm running a AMD dual core, I found that both CPUs were running at 80% so I restarted the game and the same thing happened. I've seen this with other games and the cause was attributed to a memory leak. The manufacturer put out a patch and the problem went away. Has anyone had a similar problem to the symtoms I experienced? ASUS A8N 32 -SLI Deluxe 2Gig Kingston Hyper X RAM AMD 64 x 2 4400 CPU Seagate 160 Gig HD Enermax Liberty 620 W PS EVGA 7900 GT 512 Windows XP
  14. Set up an on line campaign server last night. Friends were able to join and play. However, hosting and playing from the same machine does cause some connection and ping issues for those players connecting to game. I don't think it's a bug I just think there is alot of info transferring causing bottlenecks. But the online campaign does work
  15. Well, that was an issue for me with 1.03. I would host coop maps and my firends pings would go off the charts. Haven't tried coop since the new patch. I did do some Campaign online with a friend and the game seem to run fine.
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